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  1. 1. How many miles do you typically dinghy tow your vehicle yearly? -About 5,000/year. 2. What is the total tow mileage you have on your vehicle now? - Over 7000 3. What is the total tow mileage you expect to put on the vehicle before you upgrade to a new vehicle? 40,000 4. When towing, what is the average amount of time between stops? (be it restroom or fuel)? - 30 minutes 5. How often do you stop for a period of 10 min or more? (be it restroom, stretch, eat, fuel)? - Every 2 hours. 6. What is your preferred cruising speed? 62 MPH 7. Do you use a rock shield? -yes 8. Where does the rock shield mount (bumper,towbar,dinghy, or... so what type)? - Behind rear wheels on coach. Nick: I have a 2011 Cadillac SRX and love the car and how easily it flat tows. I purchased it specifically because I could flat tow it. One recommendation: You could easily mount an electrical switch to disconnect the power to three fuses that you have to pull to flat tow. I mounted switches (With fuses in line) so all I have to do is flip a couple of switches and I am ready to go. This would be a great marketing tool to us senior citizens who struggle to pull fuses every time they want to tow. Two of my previous toads were Saturn Vues and the Saturn was the standard while GM was making the car. I have at least on person come up to me every time I stop in an RV park asking me about the SRX as a tow vehicle. I rave about all the great features on the car. Most people who can afford to travel in an RV are not poor. Most can afford the SRX. Sincerely John Croes JCroes@aol.com
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