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  1. I just purchased a 4 volume set of shop and repair manuals for my 1998 Bounder (28T) with a Chevy P-30 chassis for $59 from: http://FactoryRepairManuals.com. I ordered today and was just notified that they have been shipped. They are used, but presumably in very good condition (will let you know). The TOCs list all of the parts and problems we have been discussing. Willis
  2. It does help Rich, and thank you for your response, I am in the process of obtaining a copy. Willis
  3. I have no idea where to look for the fuel, oil, air filters and other engine parts on my 1998 Bounder (28T). It is a Chevy engine, 454 I think, but when I purchased it used recently, there was no documentation, and the Owner's Manual is useless to understand what is going on down below. Is there such a manual available, and, if so, anyone know how to obtain it? Thanks a bunch (the quote-unquote little things are becoming overwhelming)!! Willis
  4. Thank you Wolfe, good advice. At what speed can you downshift into 1st gear without maybe damaging the transmission? I am spoiled, since before this Bounder I towed a 23 ft Aljo with my Toyota Tundra. The Tundra has that 6 gear thumb ratchet shifting which is a joy for breaking. Another issue on this Bounder is that I cannot see what gear I am in very well, as the indicator is dull red on a green background. I need to find a way to get at the indicator post and paint white so it is obvious what gear I am in (searching over top of the steering wheel while traveling is dangerous).
  5. Thanks for your comments, I may never know what caused the shut down (maybe the way I was shifting), but MH seems to be running OK so I won't panic just yet. The growl was brief and occurred just as I was shifting from Drive to 2nd, and the motor quit. I did not shift to neutral, but steered the MH over to the side quickly while still in gear. I don't think it vapor locked; it should have done so while climbing, but ran well uphill. It would appear that a fuel delivery problem took place, for whatever reason. I have had a number of surprises since I picked this MH up in Los Angeles and drove it home to Sacramento. My biggest concern is the brakes which I need to find a shop to inspect; they felt quite hot once I got home. The number of reliable repair shops in the Sacramento area has grossly dwindled, and I am trying to learn where to take the unit for inspections. I spend most of my fishing time in the lakes north of Truckee, CA, and the return home is all downhill (drop from 7200 ft to 400 ft in about 50 mi), which is really tough on brakes (and constantly shifting).
  6. There is so little info on this MH when I purchased it, I only know it is a Chevy chassis, a 454 Chevy engine, and the transmission I am not sure. The gear shift shows : P(circled) R N D (circled) D 2 1. Everything seemed to work OK. I was shifting from Drive to 2nd, there was a brief "growl," and the engine quit. Although the steering was a bit stiff, I was able to steer off the side of a very busy highway okay. The extremely brief Owner's Manual keeps referring to the Chassis Manual, which I do not have. Sorry I cannot furnish any better information at this time, this is all very new to me. Willis
  7. I just purchased a 1998 Bounder 28T (42,000mi), and took it on its 2nd trip (only 150 mi one way). The coach ran beautifully the first time, again on the 1st leg the second time. Coming home today, traveling down Hiway 80 from Truckee, CA, the engine quit while going 50 mph. I was able to pullover, and I checked for the belt, overheating, etc. Everything seemed Okay, so after about 5 minutes, I stared the engine and drove the remaining 40 miles home. This route has long, steep downgrades, so I was shifting back and forth from drive to 2nd gear trying to aid in braking. When the motor quit, I was shifting, and heard a growl before it stopped. Could this shifting cause the engine to overheat and quit (the gauge did not show it if it is working correctly)? I was worried about overheating the brakes, so I don't know another way to slow down the coach. Or, could this be a precursor to something major? Any comments welcome. Willis
  8. I recently wrote asking if anyone had successfully pulled the wire from an old rear camera to the front monitor. No body had and it was considered nearly impossible. Today, we were able to pull the wire for a new camera system across the top of a 1999 Bounder 28T and connect to the old system over the dash. We had to remove the small, rear corner cap by drilling out the rivets so we could turn the corner with the new cable and connector. After that, it was really easy, and the hidden system is working wonderfully. We replaced the Cap after extensive caulking with self-tapping screws, and tied in to the 12V power using wire connections in back of the TV. Willis Clarke
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