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  1. You might look at  Maple Park Campground & RV Park 290 Glen Charlie Road, East Wareham, Massachusetts 02538, 1-508-295-4945,  info@capecodmaplepark.com

    There is also  Boston / Cape Cod KOA Holiday. 

    I usually stay down the coast at Worden Pond Family Campground when visiting people in that area.


  2. rayin, Are they making any progress on your coach?

    Don, what you missed out on buying the amazing cookware and knife sets being demonstrated for sale in the big tent? 😂

    Looked at some of the YouTube videos from groups out there and they all looked like it was cold and windy. 




  3. On 1/22/2023 at 8:16 PM, dons2346 said:

    Anyone going to be in Q? We are leaving Yuma to spend some time with our ham radio club at MP 99 for a couple of days

    Can't make it right now. There are a lot of You Tube channels out there. That and lots and lots of outher people. They opened the big tent yesterday, I think.


  4. 14 hours ago, djsamuel said:

    Some ideas for new forums:

    News in the RV industry

    News in the campground industry

    Route suggestions and Road conditions

    Camping advice/ Q&A

    I think those are some good ideas. 

    I think FMCA could do more to promote the forums.


  5. 14 minutes ago, jburnside said:

    Is there a schedule of seminars, vendors, and other events at the upcoming Western Area Rally posted somewhere?

    Welcome to the forum. 

    I would contact FMCA at 513-474-3622 and ask to be transferred to Rashell in the events department. She is the events coordinator. She would know.


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