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  1. In Lake Havasu City AZ there is a company, Weigh-To-Go, that will come to your location. Also, the Freightliner motorhome chassis service center in Gaffney SC will do the corner weights as well as any other service you need. Good luck!
  2. My coach has a 500HP Cummins and a 4000 Allison, the gross coach weight is 40,000lbs, just weighed. I tow a Jeep Commander, 5400 lbs. Just finished a 7200 mile trip, from Boston to Nashvile to Quartzite, Lake Havasu City, San Antonio, New Orleans, Destin FL, Perry GA, Myrtle Beach, and back up the east coast. Our average mpg was 6.5. I generally travel at 1500rpm's about 62 mph. I hope this helps. Poppo
  3. Hi Larry,... Sorry to hear you are putting it in park. As posted earlier, I am sure you will have fond memories to keep you and Rita warm through the cold winter. I have enjoyed your posts, especially "Scared the Neighbors". We haven't met but I feel I know you. My best to you and Rita. Poppo
  4. DGrandusky, ... I think Tom summed it up pretty well, weather conditions will influence your route. I also have recently retired and in January, around the 7th, my wife and I will head for Quartzsite AZ to experience the "Big Show". I have prepared several different routes and the one we take will be influenced by the then current weather. I have seen times when it was better to take a northern route because of the storm patterns. The good thing is, if you do get caught all you have to do is hunker down for a day or two... you have your home with you. Good luck with your planning and be flexible! Safe travels! Poppo
  5. It's amazing to me the amount of information contained in these threads. Hi five to the contributors! Where were you guys when I had my first MH, a 33' 1983 Georgie Boy Excalibur with a Chevy 454 that would always hesitate when I climbed a hill and the dog house was hot ... I was always told it was a vapor lock. Hmmm ... 1984 ... that's right, Al Gore had not yet invented the internet. Seriously, the information on these FMCA forums is invaluable, thank you for sharing your experiences and talents. Poppo
  6. There is another thread on this forum dealing specifically with ACC .... not pretty .... Buyer Beware. The Indiana BBB has rated them "F". It appears they have 14 complaints that ACC has not responded to. Poppo
  7. As I understand they have been reported to the AG's office in Indiana for possible criminal prosecution. As far as any civil law suit, I know of none that has been brought against ACC. The cost of a civil suit would preclude most claimants from justifying it. It appears they stay in business by hoping PT Barnum was right ... "There's a sucker born everyday". Hopefully forums like this one will educate the consumer to do his research and as far as ACC is concerned, there are a lot of red flags "Buyer Beware". Poppo
  8. If you check the BBB Indianapolis site they rate them with an "F" as they have 14 complaints that ACC has not responded to. It's not a company I would choose to do business with. Poppo
  9. JRidgley, Thank you for your post. I have just received a quote from ACC and was doing some research and found your post as well as several unresolved issues with the BBB. Needless to say, I'll continue with my current provider. Thanks again for the heads up! Poppo
  10. Welcome! I am also from Mass and have traveled to Florida on a few occasions. I can not give you a lot of specifics other than to recommend you avoid the 95 corridor through CT, NY, NJ etc. We usually take 84 through CT, NY towards Scranton PA and then head down 81 through Harrisburgh, into VA and pick up 77to Charlotte. It is a much less stressful and more scenic ride than 95 and adds only about 100 miles. We,ve travelled that route in January and March. Just need to make sure you have a window of good weather. Safe travels! Poppo
  11. I have recently booked the month of February at the Refuge Golf Resort and Spa at Lake Havasu City. If you like to play golf it seems like a great deal. It was $1500 for the month and that includes a golf cart at your site, full use of all the facility's and all the golf my wife and I can play. We plan on experiencing Quartzsite before we reach Lake Havasu City. Can't wait! Good luck with your search ... safe travels!
  12. Thank you for your reply, .... I think you may be right. I was hoping that maybe there was a syringe process that could be used and the seam wouldn't have to be compromised. When a fiberglass roof is originally installed is it adhered to the subsurface with a bonding agent spread over 100% of the area?
  13. First of all let me say that the FMCA forums with the contributors and their knowledge are FMCA's best asset ... Thank you! Now for my challenge .... I am getting ready to wash and wax the fiberglass roof (2009 Sportscoach) and after inspecting same I have noticed the fiberglass lifting from the sub roof near the edges, the seam running front to back where the fiberglass roof attaches to the side. Although it is lifting (bubbled) in spots, the sealant on the seam appears to be attached and making a seal. In the areas where the fiberglass is lifting it is still attached to the seam sealant and the sealant also moves with the fiberglass but appears to be water tight. It still appears to be making a bond to the fiberglass. It appears that there should be an adhesive between the fiberglass skin and the roof structure and it is failing. I am not familiar with the construction process and if this situation should be expected and if not ... is there a procedure that might be recommended. On two occasions this past year I have had my MH in a shop for work to be done. Since I do not like to climb on the roof, I have asked them to do routine inspection of the roof and each time it gets a clean bill. Thank you in advance for your reply! Poppo
  14. Hi Larry, I think your approach is a great ice breaker ... Hi Five! My sense is that most RV'ers enjoy the experiences of meeting other people. If I were to experience you coming up to me at an RV Park and addressing me by name, I would be so full of curiosity you would have my undivided attention..... then I would let you help me set up and I'd buy you a beer .... unless you looked like Charles Manson. Now if I were there on a clandestine rendezvous , I might avoid you and go inside and peek through the curtains. Keep up your spirit of fun and adventure ... you'll make more friends than not. Safe travels!
  15. This past February we had the opportunity to stay at "The Great Outdoors RV Golf Resort" in Titusville Florida. It's a beautiful resort with rental sites and lots available for ownership from pads to pads with cassita's to small homes with RV garages to 6k sq ft homes with double RV garages. There are well over 1,000 sites and it is a golf theme. We are considering it as an option in a couple of years. Good luck! Poppo
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