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  1. Try putting the poison under and not in the coach. We've tried dryer sheets, the sonic beepers, mouse traps, decon in the compartments...all it seemed to do was attract them even more, and they seemed to get worse! Finally I got the idea to get rid of them before they came in. Take a cheap tupperware bowl with a lid, screw the lid, upside down, to a 2x4 (the 2x4 just keeps it off the ground so when it rains it doesn't soak all the decon, and I leave the 2x a little long, so they're easy to get to,so I don't have to crawl under the coach to slide them out), put some decon on the lid and snap the bowl on tight to the lid. Now you have a 2x4 with a upside down tupperware bowl attached to it. I usually paint the bowl black just to give them a "little privacy" . Take and make small holes (about the size of a quarter) in a couple spots around the bowl rim...so the mice can get into the bowl and get to the poison. I make 4 of these and put them by each tire under the coach. Since we've been doing this...no mice!! I've mentioned it to a few others I've talked to with rodent problems and they all said it worked great for them too! Give it a try.
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