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  1. This is a beautiful motorhome, Tiffin is a family owned company with an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. I do not own one right now so I am not biased in my opinion,well maybe a little. One of the nicest things about the Breeze is that it's built on Tiffins own Power glide chassis. Having been stuck between a coach builder and the chassis builder on a few occasions i can tell you it's nice when you can take a coach in for service and not get treated like a tennis ball being smacked back and forth between manufacturers trying to get problems resolved. I don't think you can go wrong with a decision to buy a Tiffin product
  2. We purchased a Canyon Star new in 2012 excellent quality, formerly owned 2 Fleetwood motorhomes,one gas one diesel. Newmar in a league of there own. Most gas coaches are maxed out on their chassis. This contributes to banging, creaking,etc.Get ready to spend some money upgrading chassis with heavier duty sway bars, trac bars and engine upgrades with a Banks header and cold air intake.Call 5 star tuning get their scanner and reflash the stock computer with their program.Don't even waste time thinking about it just do it! Trust me you will never regret it. Lastly you can buy an awful lot of gasoline with the money you saved by not buying a DP. Enjoy your new motorhome
  3. I just bought a new gas motorhome on a Ford chassis, On my maiden voyage with the cruise control engaged the transmission down shifted 3 times into 2nd gear causing the engine to rev to 4800 rpms. I was on a moderate grade and this scared the life out of me! Is this common? I can't believe this is good on a new engine. Also, the cruise wouldn't disengage by hitting the brake pedal. I had to turn off the cruise control manually. Anyone have similar problem? When I drove without the cruise the trans shifted normally.
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