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  1. On my coachmen pursuit, I have 19.5 tires and the spec is 150 ft lbs. my snap on dial torque wrench will go to 250 ft lbs, has anybody tried torquing their tires with a snap on?? I can use the torque multiplier to remove the lugs and the snap on to reset. Any ideas on what’s the best torque wrench to use??
  2. Hi all, I have the banks header system on my 2011 Southwind 32VS. Ford V-10. I installed them around 2016 and they have performed flawlessly. UNTIL today!! The drivers side header broke internally. It appears the cone that connects the tubes together broke and of course all **** broke loose. My rig sounded like a dragster. Has anyone else had a similar failure?? This is a first for me and I’ve used banks on all my class A’s going back 30 years and I’ve never experienced anything like this.
  3. Hi everyone, I thought I might service my 2011 Southwind 32VS Diff and I found this particular differential looks different. The rear cover does not come off and there’s no filler port. Is this a non service unit or is it only serviced at ford.
  4. What do you mean by reprogram the unit. I’m getting a SK motor stall. I’m on the road and had to manually store the antenna. I can hear it move and turn and then it hits a block or something and then I get an error message. Finding someone to work on it is almost impossible and I’m thinking of getting the DISH. pro and bypassing this monster. I don’t want to pay them another chunk of money.
  5. Hi guys, I had a similar problem, hooked to shore power and the coach batteries would charge but the start battery would discharge. I couldn’t figure it out and considered running a charge line from my coach batts to the start battery. Well here I am at an RV park, plugged in and my start battery is charging. What I did was inadvertently turned off the auxiliary switch and when I turned it on, it energized the solenoid and it’s charging. This is on a Southwind 32 VS, and the aux and main switches are mounted above the entry door and it’s hard to tell what position the switch is in. For Fleetwood s, push the button up and you’re ON, down and it’s off or disconnected . Hope this helps.
  6. Hi everyone,, I think I’m having a similar problem. My 2011 Southwind/32vs doesn’t appear to charge the engine battery on 50amp service and after 2 weeks, my NEW starter battery was dead. The relay feels hot, so it’s getting power. Shouldn’t the house batteries and starter battery charge together on external power? How would I trouble shoot this?
  7. I take mine to Fairway Ford in Yorba Linda or try any Giant Rv location. I realize it's not close to you, but Fairway handles everything from engine, suspension and problems in the coach and they have a pretty extensive parts counter and RV supplies. Good luck
  8. 2011 Southwind 32vs, towing a HHR, cruising at gas save mode, 2000 rpm at 58mph I get 8.2 and when gas is cheaper, usually in the mid-west, I tack 2400rpm and 65 mph and get 7.5-7.8 mpg. There is a happy spot my coach likes and that's at 2200 rpm's . Also added a high flow muffler and banks headers. sounds great and climbs any hill with little effort.
  9. Also check your oil level-- it will shut down if too low.
  10. You are all correct. I don't know why that fuse blew. It worked fine until I stopped and started the generator. That's when I noticed my step wouldn't retract as I started the engine and later I noticed my jacks were off line as well as my front TV did not shut off when the engine was running. The DRL's are another story. But that one 10amp fuse controlled the over ride to these systems and when I replaced that fuse they all worked as designed. The accessory outlets worked fine before and after the bad fuse. I recall when I was trouble shooting the fuses I removed a fuse from the main coach power center, marked "step" and the step retracted, so the steps was receiving power from more than one circuit. I will definitely keep an eye on this one fuse and if it blows again it's off to the dealer. I have owned a number of coaches over the years and I can recall only a handful of times that a fuse let go and generally it was my fault, crossing or grounding a hot wire. Again thanks for your input.
  11. You are correct, my multimeter was a cheap version and I was initially fooled. If I recall correctly I found the fuse to the accessories in the power box in a bay above the LP Tank and also in the fuse box in front of the engine. That's what through me off, because the failure wasn't cut and dry. I had to check many circuits and yes I was surprised that a 10amp fuse was working all these different circuits. I'm wondering if I should go to a 15amp fuse just to be safe.
  12. Glad to. I checked all the fuse boxes that coach had, but what I found was a fuse under the dash-- a chassis fuse that controlled my Jacks, electric step over-ride and TV engine over-ride. I checked them several times, but that fuse only showed bad when I removed it and looked for continuity. Keep in mind that this fuse a 10amp was listed as a builder's fuse and nothing related to the jacks, step or TV. Thanks Rich and Lois!!
  13. Fixed. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Thanks for the info. I will contact Fleetwood and get the schematic and I will check all the accessories to ensure nothing else is off line.
  15. Thanks for the info. I checked those fuses and thanks to youtube I was able to check all the relays and all are working. There has got to be an engine interrupt circuit or controller box some where. But I can't find it??
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