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  1. I'm going to go look at 2002 Alfa See Ya 36' Diesel RV with 29,000 miles. The owners purchased it new and unfortunately the husband's health has deteriorated and they have to sell the unit. This unit was purchased with all of the upgrades. They have done all of the maintenance up to two years ago, when the husband started to have health issues. The only maintenance they completed in the last two years was an oil change and they replaced all of the batteries. I know that Alfa went out on business a few years ago. Luckily, I have a Alfa specific repair facility about 40 miles away so I can get parts an service. My only concern after talking to the owner is that they haven't used the RV for two years. Is there going to be a problem with the engine/transmission/radiator etc. if the unit has not been used for two years? I was worried if the water/fuel pump seals etc. may fail from lack of use. I will have to confirm this again with the owner. I would appreciate any feedback. Also, if anyone owns an Alfa motor home I would appreciate any comments if they have been happy with their RV. Thanks Richard
  2. Thanks Brett. I did read about this online. The link has good information. Richard
  3. Thanks Herman. Someone told me the American Beaver line made extremely well made coaches that will last a long time. But, it is hard to beat a 36' Monaco with 4 slides! Richard
  4. I decided not to purchase the 2000 Allegro Bay. The maintenance was not up to date and because of the age I decided to pass. Thank you for the feedback on that RV. I'm looking at two other RVs. They are located at the same dealer. The first one is a 2003 BEAVER MONTERREY SEACLIFF Roadmaster 37' M-Series roadmaster chassis and Cummins® 350 HP engine, 2 sides, four-Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker and High-Output Three-Burner Convection Microwave,color TV on front and on the rear bedroom, dvd player, Living Area Stereo, Wired through Ceiling Speakers, TV Antenna and Booster, Satellite, solar panel, Washer/Dryer. 44.000 miles The second one is a 2006 Monaco Cayman 36' PDQ, 300 hp diesel pusher, Allison trans, 4 slides, 5.5 kw diesel generator, full kitchen with microwave/convection, 3 burner stove, 4 door refrigerator, double sink, water dispenser, front tv, with dvd player, satellite,back up camera/ monitor, side camera, sofa/sleeper, swivel chair, dinette/sleeper, real wood cabinetry, day/nite shades, porcelain toilet separate from glass enclosed shower, rear bed with huge wardrobe/closet, washer and dryer hookups. 20,000 miles To me they are both very nice RVs. I believe that the Beaver is made better and the fit and finish looks nicer. I would appreciate any feedback on these RVs. Quality, longevity, things to look out for, etc. Thanks Richard
  5. Great responses from everyone. I really appreciate all of the good information. Thank you! I'm going back to look at the Tiffin tomorrow and I'll have more to talk about. Richard
  6. Thank you for your replies. I will go through the maintenance records. I was planning on taking the RV to an independent shop for an assessment. Money well spent. I know that this RV had two owners. The current owner has had the unit for 6 years and they are keeping it in their driveway. The owner has told me that when they are not on the road he runs the engine and generator every few weeks as well as driving it around the block.
  7. I'm considering purchasing a 2000 Allergo Bay 35' Diesel pusher. The RV only has 20,000 miles and is in real good condition. The RV has new tires and batteries and has recently been serviced.. As you can imagine the interior looks like brand new. What concerns me is the age of the RV. Even though it hasn't had a lot of use being 12 years old I'm worried about the mechanicals, (engine/trans, slide, rubber roof, generator,hoses, wiring etc). The RV is selling for about half of what the average dealer price is so it would be a great way for my family to start off with a nice diesel pusher. I talked to Tiffin and they ran the VIN. The RV checked out OK and the Service Manager I talked to said this particular year and model was very good. Because of the RV's age I understand I will have to have to perform additional maintenance. Is a great price worth the possible maintenance I may incur. Does anyone have an option on what I should expect as far as maintenance and what I might be getting myself into? Thank you Richard.
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