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  1. I can appreciate those individuals that speak highly of Camping World. They are the exception. When we picked up our 2013 Sightseer from Camping World in Boise, Idaho quality control before we even looked at it was non-existent. From a bathroom cabinet door hanging by a few screws, to one air conditioner that did not work, to one heat pump that did not work, to an improperly installed vinyl floor and more issues makes me wonder how they can stay in business. Winnebago (if they were even contacted) refused to make the bad vinyl floor installation right. Camping World could not even fix the hanging bathroom cabinet door correctly. I had to take care of it myself. After receiving sales brochures to buy another motor home from Camping World in Boise I sent the salesman and general manager a letter informing them of my displeasure. Never heard back from either of them. I strongly suggest anyone looking at buying from Camping World or considering taking their product in to Camping World for repair, look elsewhere.
  2. Not smart business for Honda. We've owned three Honda CR-V and was about to go down and purchase our 4th CR-V until I found out they could no longer be towed with all four wheels down. We bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee instead. Honda's loss.
  3. Thanks for responding, Bill. I'll be towing a Honda CR-V (about 3500lbs). The enginge in the Storm is the gas 6.8L Triton V10 with the 3 valve 362HP engine.
  4. We're considering buying a new Fleetwood Storm 28F. Does anyone have any input that might be of use to us? Most importantly what they may be getting for gas mileage, with and without Toad.
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