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  1. Hi everyone , BackhoeJ here , I know this is an old topic but i had the problem with step cover not working halfway into a month long trip. Couldn't fix on road but fixed when home. There is a motor in back of step underneath with a belt driven pulley , set screw came loose , only problem is you have to take complete frame out. It is doable. Fixed. Here are pictures of unit . It's a Monaco . Thanks ,hope this helps. BackhoeJ jondel1234@yahoo.com John D
  2. Hi everyone BackhoeJ here , the guy with gear, i just had the same problem with step cover . Easy fix just a lot of screws to take off. Its belt driven , set screws came loose but you have to take whole frame mechanism out. Easy but a lot of screws. Also Storage lid in top step has to come off (screws). Hope this helps. John Delmatoff
  3. Hi all, backhoeJ still here . Making fellow rv'ers happy with gears. jondel1234@yahoo.com
  4. Hi everyone, backhoeJ here . Still supplying gear kits and also have bracket for motor. Gear fits cord reel and water reel. Please feel free to contact me if in need of gear or bracket. Contact me at: John D jondel1234@yahoo.com
  5. BackhoeJ Hello to all fellow RVer's , still around and still have gear kits available. Kirk made a little video about gear kit. Thanks Kirk. http://youtu.be/kuKlSbNib5g Thank you John Delmatoff jondel1234@yahoo.com
  6. Shoreline power cord reel . Hi to all fellow RVers BackhoeJ here , I'm still around and I still have the gear kit. I ran out a few times but my son keeps supplying them for me. I never would have thought so many people would need them. So if any one is ever in need please feel free to contact me. Thank You , John D jondel1234@yahoo.com
  7. Hi All , just contacted Jim, another happy camper. Thank You fellow RVers John
  8. Hi BackhoeJ hear for update. Good news, gear that fits rv5036 also fits power water reel rvw5003 So if in need please feel free to e-mail me. Thanks , John D. jondel1234@yahoo.com
  9. Hello all, BackhoeJ here. Hope all fellow RVer's are well and in good health. Just an update on Shoreline Power Cord Reel. I still have gear kit available due to I had more made because of big demand, so if in need please feel free to contact me at : jondel1234@yahoo.com Thank You; John
  10. BackhoeJ here-- hi to al. Just to update on gear problem in shoreline reel. There was such a big response I had more gears made. Can't believe how inferior original gear is. Small gear in middle of big gears, weak link (See picture),So if in need give me a call. I also had a big problem with NoCold refer, put in an Amish made cooling unit, problem solved. Thanks Again John Delmatoff e-mail--- jondel1234@yahoo.com
  11. BackhoeJ here. Hello all RVer's with electric cord reels, just for update, I still have some gear kits available. It's the small gear in middle that drives all the gears. The original gear is cast and brittle so it breaks. The new one is machined from solid stock. Thank You , John. BackhoeJ. Jondel1234@yahoo.com
  12. Hi all , BackhoeJ here and still alive & well and had more gears made, so come one come all and save some money. Amazing how many fellow RV'ers need this gear. Thanks to all & also sorry for your needing one. Also I think this gear fits the water hose reel. Sold one. Thank You; John Delmatoff jondel1234@yahoo.com
  13. BackhoeJ here . Hi Cal, thanks for interest in gear. I still have some left. And also I'm having my son make more because of big response. Thank you to all that need these gears. Happy to help. jondel1234@yahoo.com John Delmatoff 40 foot Monaco 4 slider
  14. Hi Tony Zampogna (Tigerpa). Yes I still have gear kit available. E-mail me your number and I will call you to give details. Thank You ; John Delmatoff ( jondel1234@yahoo.com )
  15. Hi all, BackhoeJ here, just for an update on Shoreline gear, still have some left, helped a lot of fellow campers save money on repair. Thanks John Delmatoff ( BackhoeJ )
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