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  1. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Mine was a Costar but they went out of business.
  2. My Subject detector is outdated and in need of replacement. What type is recommended? Do they run on 12 volts?
  3. Thanks for the information.
  4. Recently my chassis battery died and I thought "no problem" as I have that trusted auxiliary start button. I pushed it and to my surprise...nothing! It has worked in the past but no more. Might anyone have any suggestions?
  5. I tried the Costco 6 volt Interstate and one failed in less than 3 years of use. I was advised they are only entry level batteries and have very low Amp Hour rating and not satisfactory for boon docking for extended periods.
  6. I am in need of replacing my two 6 volt house batteries and would like to get some that are good for boon docking for extended periods. I have two 80 watt solar panels mounted on my unit. Any suggestions?
  7. It is single bath unit. I paid the bill not knowing the work was not done, drove to California only to find the toilet quit working completely the next day. The service manager at Las Vegas Camping World south was very uncooperative, outright dishonest, blamed others and evasive while the store manager would not speak to me, Contacting head office got results but not before much back and forth. I finally got a refund but have had problems ever since.
  8. After Camping World Vegas replaced the pump and billed me for further work that was not done, my toilet now will not hold the vacuum. I recently replaced the duckbill as it would not keep water in the bowl. The seal at the base of the toilet had been put in upside down and I had hoped fixing that would solve the problem but no it did not. Getting into the compartment under the toilet from the outside requires a small contortionist type person. Any suggestions to find the leak in vacuum pressure?
  9. I have used the MIFI from Verizon for several years and am generally pleased with it. I upgraded to the 4G MiFI and just recently bought out the contract as I use it only 5 months of the year and Verizon will only allow two 3 month service suspensions in a rolling year. I was not happy having to pay the $50 for the month in which I did not use any of the 5 GB per month plan I had.
  10. Service warranties are good for major items but almost useless on smaller issues. I had a top line stereo Samsung TV quit working and had to fight to get another Samsung which unfortunately turned out to be one of the bottom class basic units. My convection portion on the convection/microwave oven quit working. The result was warranty repairing the oven rather than replacing it When I questioned the technician about that he said if it is even $5.00 cheaper to fix rather than replace it will be repaired. Read the fine print. I had to pay for a replacement of a brake on my electric coach leveler. Warranty refused to pay because there was rust present.
  11. I had the misfortune of taking my Fleetwood Pace Arrow in to Camping World in south Las Vegas for a non working vacu flush toilet. Three weeks after my initial appointment I went back in to find parts still had not been ordered and getting the excuse the parts manager has been ill. Six weeks after my initial appointment I stopped by to verify the needed parts including the pump had indeed arrived and to confirm all the parts in the package would be replaced. I was assured they would be replaced. Almost two weeks more passed before I could at last pick up my "repaired" unit. I however was told I had to pay 4 hours labor as warranty would only cover 2 hours but the job took 6. I left Vegas for Palm Springs and the next evening the pump quit working and once again no toilet. I phoned the Las Vegas C.W. and the service manager steered me to call a local jobber they had used before. The jobber arrived promptly when promised and went to work. In total he took 5 hours to repair the non work done at C.W. The only part C.W. had replaced was the pump and none of the other parts. The result was a plugged pump from dried effluent left in the pipe that was supposed to have been replaced as part of the parts package. To have replaced the pump only as C.W. had done, took the jobber less than an hour. To add insult the service manager in Las Vegas wanted me to pay the jobber. After contacting head office, for the third time on this fiasco, C.W. paid the jobber and refunded the extra 4 hours labor I had paid for previously. To date the toilet still does not work properly. I was asked to complete a survey on my experience after the initial visit and I stated my frustration at getting nothing done and complained about attitude of the service manager. It is nice to know the service manager was contacted but unfortunately he made life miserable for us for almost two months as a result by dragging out the repairs and giving attitude.
  12. Batsome

    ABS Light On

    I have a 2008 Fleetwood 38 ft Pace Arrow with 8.1 Vortec engine. My ABS light comes on when I start the engine. Sometimes I can delay it coming on by pressing the brake then releasing the parking brake. The warning light always comes on shortly after. Any suggestions?
  13. Problem solved...driver's side slide must be out and access is just in front of rear wheels.
  14. I have a 2008 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 38P that has a vacuum assist toilet. How can I access the vacuum pump to check clamps as the system has no more suction when the pump is on? I cannot see any obvious entry point.
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