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  1. I have a 2012 Winnebago Journey 42E w/Tag 400hp Cummins I just returned from a 1,500mi trip No toad but motorcycle on back (Hydrolift) 9.5 mpg
  2. Use Pilot/Flying J they have RV pumps. Works great. If you join the discount club (Pilot/Flying J or Good Sam) Could save a few cents off cash price.
  3. bizsmith@yahoo.com I have ATT and have found if Verizon is furnishing service under contract for ATT, I will have voice but no data. Example: Verizon furnishes cell service in Yellowstone, will only have voice for ATT, no data
  4. I tether my Galaxy 5s (ATT) 4 smart phones and a tablet. 10 gig, $190 w/tax No problems, one bill, all the service I need You can receive calls and txt while tethered If no ATT I have a satellite back-up (MotoSat/Hughes-net)
  5. Dishwasher in my last 2 MH. Never used. However washer/dyer a must have.
  6. http://www.rv-dreams.com/health-insurance.html
  7. Check your propane....... If the burrner does't lite the fan will run for a while and the shut off Bill
  8. I think Herman nailed it. My Chevy PU does the same thing. My need to rock it to shift out of park. Bill
  9. Unless you want to stay at the KOA......not much downtown. Bill
  10. Just settled claim with Blue Sky $32,000 no issues. Quick payment no drama. Bill
  11. I have a Rand McNally RV GPS. If you load your info it does a good job of keeping you out of trouble. Bill
  12. I called, they picked up on the 3rd ring: 928 763-5500
  13. From the Dish RV Web Site DISH is the first, and only, provider to offer pay-as-you-go TV for RV owners, tailgaters, trucks and campers. No contract required No charge to start and stop monthly service No credit check or Social Security number required All packages are on a 30-day, Month-to-Month basis Get DISH and pay only for the months of service you use. With this program, you can get over 60 top high-definition channels for just $44.99 a month.
  14. lewisedge I’m confused……. I’ve not seen a PAYG Package that would allow you to only pay for the days you use. The normal PAYG contract is to start and stop 30 days at a time.
  15. Many of the larger rallies will have a seminar or two that will qualify for you insurance discount. Can be as much as 20%.
  16. I think the price is close, if the labor is included. On your car you will need to remove the headlights, bumper and a bunch of little stuff to install the base plate. Something I would leave to someone else. $2000 sounds reasonable, if they fry the computer hooking up the lights, they get to replace it.
  17. I agree Freightliner. Not cheap but worth the cost and time
  18. tetonchief, I understand your thoughts around to buy or not to buy an extended warranty A warranty is like any other insurance they bet you won’t use it and you hope if you do they will pay Putting money aside is a good idea for the smaller items, say less than $1,000 This would lead you to buy something for major repairs, you can set your copay at almost any level But as I’m sure you understand MH parts are very expensive and many are OEM $$$$$ I just had my radiator replaced at Freightliner, not repaired and not an option with Good Sam $4,350 My part $200 In the past 9 years Good Sam has paid out over $24,000 to keep me on the road The cost of Extended Warranty $10,800 Never an issue with payment I’m a fan!!!
  19. I've used Good Sam on my last 3 MH. No Problems, paid every time. Repair shop has a lot to do with how smooth the payment goes.
  20. I looked into Mouse Free but went with CabFresh Works great...
  21. If I could afford a new Motorhome, I wouild buy one However I buy used for the price break Something can be said for being the first owner
  22. Reading through the information it looks like LLC's are taxed at the higher rate LLC's by definition are to limit personal liability for the owners of a for profit business
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