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  1. Pricing for the Firestone FS560 (295/tire) was lower than any FMCA discounted pricing on the tires available from Michelin, Hankook or Continental. Pricing for the Bridgestone 250ED (463/tire) was higher than the FMCA discounted prices for most of the options presented, except for the Michelins. Michelins are by far the most expensive, even with the FMCA discount.
  2. My motorhome is in need of new shoes. The current tires are 10 years old (not good, but it's been stationary for the past few years). Anyway, my local tire dealer (and the place my RV dealer uses) quoted me prices for the following brands (my unite needs 255/70R22.5): Firestone FS560 Bridgestone 250ED Anyone have any experience using these tires?
  3. I have a 2003 Monaco Cayman that has the RVA JII 22.5A jack system and one of the jacks is leaking fluid when extended. Apparently RVA is now out of business so contacting them isn't an option, and other hydraulic levels by other manufacturers are not compatible. I did contact HWH to see if they have a replacement system, but their 4 point leveling systems aren't compatible with the Roadmaster chassis on my unit (an R4R), so that isn't an option. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this thing fixed? I'm going to check with some hydraulic system companies locally to see if they could possible work on this thing, but I'll take any suggestions.... Thanks!
  4. All things being equal (i.e. weight distributing hitch, anti-sway bar, etc), when towing is a tandem axle trailer more 'stable' to tow than a single axle trailer?
  5. Rich/Brett - The coach has 34,500 miles on it and I'm the 2nd owner. My chassis isn't a Freightliner, its a Monaco Roadmaster R4R chassis. I have the Cummins engine # and will be contacting them to confirm max limit. I believe the deceleration/down shifting is causing the RPMs to exceed what they have designated as a max RPM. If I'm correct, that begs the question 'why has it started doing this now?' This is first year I've noticed this occurring. I still need to investigate your options regarding my 'dancing tach'....
  6. I need to replace the rear calipers on my 2003 Monaco Cayman; at least one is starting to stick. They are BOSCH with the casting number 4153222. I've found replacements at NAPA, which reference my BOSCH casting number, but they have 2 versions. One version uses metal pistons and the other uses Phenolic (plastic) pistons. Their description states "OC Phenolic Piston". Has anyone used Phenolic Piston before or have experience with them? Metal rusts and sticks over time, so I'm not sure which route to take here. Thoughts?
  7. Rich - The 2 fuel filters were changed 2 years ago. I need to look again to see if there is a 3rd one lurking somewhere. Coolant level is good and it was changed at the same time as the fuel filters. I don't know when the radiator and CAC were cleaned, but they appear to be in good shape and aren't gunked up with oily grime buildup. Yes, the engine light only comes on when the exhaust brake kicks in and the unit downshifts, which immediately increases the RPMs. Once the RPMs reduce, the engine light goes out. I still need to check out your other suggestions. Thanks!
  8. I actually have a couple questions/concerns and thought I throw this out to see if anyone has advices or experience with this. I have 2003 Monaco Cayman with the Cummins ISB300 and an Allison 5 speed transmission. 1) The other day when the exhaust brake engaged (PacBrake) and the transmission downshifts ( and RPMs increase), the Engine Light comes on and then goes out after the RPMs decrease. I don't have any loss of power or anything, but I've never had this occur before. Coincidently.... 2) Starting last year, I started noticing that when I start the unit (or when it's idling after being driven) it seems to 'hunt' for an idle speed to settle at and my tachometer is constantly bouncing all over the place, even when driving down the road. They are massive speed variations, but you can hear it. I know the air compressor comes on immediately for the suspension, etc., but I don't think that is the cause of the 'hunting'. Could issue 1 be caused by the engine RPMs exceeding 2500 (the stated governed speed)? Could the idle speed sensor be screwed up/bad or the something with engine electronics ( I miss my old, mechanical 5.9 some days)? Any input is appreciated!
  9. Rich: You are correct. The issue was compromised wiring between the ECU and the TCM. On my coach the TCM is actually mounted to the roof of the rear-most cargo bay on the passenger side (on the inside of the cargo bay). I haven't been able to get underneath the coach to see exactly which wiring harness and connector plug had to be replaced. I plan to do that this weekend. I do know that behind the cargo bay with the TCM, there are a number wiring bundles, some of which go to the trasmission and some to the Engine, so I'm certain the issue was in that area. Keith
  10. Here is the final update on this issue. Problem ended up being severely corroded wires in the main wiring harness. One for the wiring connectors had to be replaced also. The wiring issue was preventing all signals needed from the ECU to get to the transmission control module (TCM). This prevented the transmission going into 5th (overdrive) and also prevent exhaust brake engagement. Once the wiring and connector issues were addressed, no more Check Trans light and everything is back to normal. Thanks for all the additional information, I'm sure it helped narrow this down, and I'm keeping for future reference. Happy and safe travels! Keith
  11. Rich: Thanks for the addiitonal information. I'll pass it over to the shop. Thus far they have determined that the Allison components are fine (confirmed by Allison). However, there is an issue from the ECU over to the TCM. Monaco has supplied them the wiring schematics and they are in the process of working through the wiring harness. Hopefully they can identify and resolve soon.. going through wiring harnesses is not a cheap endeavor!! As wonderful as motorhomes are/can be, they can be just as awful when it comes to something like this!! Thanks, Keith
  12. Walt and Rich: Unfortunately, the reboot didn't work. The error code being registered is not coming from the tranmission. I took the unit into another local service center yesterday (5/26) that Monaco suggested as they have experience working on Roadmaster chassis (per Monaco). Keeping my fingers crossed.... More to come... Keith
  13. Walt: Thanks for the information. Allison's findings were that the ECU is giving off a CAN Bus Error code (trouble code U2105). Since the shop Monaco pointed me to can't see me until next week, I will definitely try your suggestion tomorrow and I appreciate the info for future reference. Keith
  14. Rich: Thanks for the info. Monaco/Allied Recreation Group called back and pointed me to a local repair shop that used to be an authorized warranty shop for Monaco. I've contact them and it goes in Tuesday (5/26) to see what they can find. Keith
  15. I have a 2003 Monaco Cayman (2002 chassis) and the Check Trans light recently came on, the Allison 2000MH trans (with manual shifter) won't shift into overdrive (5th), and the exhaust brake won't engage. I took it to Allison transmission and there is nothing wrong with the transmission or the TCM (trans control module). Allison says the error code appears to be 'OEM' (i.e. from the chassis manufacturer), which they can't diagnose. So I need to get the coach to someone that can read/diagnose Monaco error codes. I'm in Columbus Ohio and the nearest Monaco dealers are over 100 miles away. Every place I've tried to call locally has no clue... and I'd prefer not to have it towed that distance, and driving that distance at a max of 45 mpg isn't realistic. I have a call into Allied Recreation Group (current owner of the new Monaco), but haven't heard back. If anyone has any insight or thoughts I'd greatly appreciate the insight.... otherwise I have a useless unit. Thanks, Keith
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