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  1. Hello. I am hoping for info on my problem. We have not been able to totally level our coach for some time now. The system, (4 jacks) would raise the wheels off the ground originally. Now they will lift but it seems they reach a point where the pump seems to bypass. Result that extra 1" or 2" can't be reached. Placing blocks under the jacks does not give increased travel either. It gets to a point then seems to bypass the fluid.It is the same for all four jacks. Power Gear thought maybe a low fluid issue but that was checked and ok. The next cure suggested by them is replacement of the whole tank/pump/valve ***'y. It seems to me that there must be a way to adjust or replace a spring or flow control valve,any hints would be greatly appreciated.If I must I'll replace the whole thing, but only as a last resort. Yhanks....Dave Fougere
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