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  1. Hi Shawn I ran into a similar problem on our 2006 Monaco Camelot. Others' suggestions to check "breakers" on inverter solved the issue for me --- one of the two our inverter's "pushbutton breakers" had popped. Depressing it energized the circuits for me. As I was told, "all" AC power is routed through the inverter. Good Luck Rudy
  2. You might also check whether a circuit breaker on your inverter kicked out. I once was advised to do likewise. In my case that was the fault. Hope it works for you too. Rudy
  3. Agreed UltraGlide. I recently reviewed GoodSam terms and also found out that fixing a flat on a Motorhome could become costly. Not exactly what I anticipated when purchasing "ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE". I think most Diesel Pushers don't carry spares?? I too need to consider alternate coverage for our Monaco Camelot.
  4. I agree Kingfr ---------------we tow a 2005 Liberty, which does have locking steering when in park; must leave in "off" position so steering functions appropriately while in tow mode. However, I have a "dumb key" which only works the ignition switch, but won't run the engine. I use that to condition for towing, and leave that key in switch. I then have my "smart key" fob wherewith to lock doors while being towed/parked, etc.
  5. petersrc2

    The Peters' Camelot

    A few pics of our "new" 2006 40PAQ
  6. Thanks again Campcop I'll check "everything" for which you've offered suggestions. Happy Travellin' Rudy
  7. Hey Campcop ------------ You may be the closest to addressing my issue. Yes, the leak shows up in the outer wall of the slide itself. Looking at the paneling above the slide's outer windows, it appears as though there may have been a little bit of prior leakage (bought the M.H. used last August), so I'd like to rectify that sooner, rather than later. Your suggestion of applying a strip of Eternabond along the full outer length of the slide sounds like something that might work (If my assumption of water getting in there is correct) Did you lay it flat on to the roof, or apply a portion of it upwards on to the molding which seals against the Coach once retracted? And, ------------------- do you have slide toppers(ours are Carefree Eclipse I think)? If so, how easy/difficult are they to loosen/remove?. Once removed from the outer wall of the slide, did you just lay them atop the extended slide while applying the Eternabond? Two man job, I suspect?? (I've not yet looked at how this might be achieved) Thanks for your thoughts. Rudy ps. I like your two wheeler too. We sold our UltraGlide when "Grandma" no longer wanted to ride; now down to 2 collector cars.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. We returned home (Abbotsford, BC, Canada) today. I think it's "watertight" while parked with slides in ---------will extend slide and review/inspect gasketing, etc.when we next get a couple of dry days. Hopefully, some of your suggestions will help me resolve this irritation. Rudy
  9. I've pulled in the slide. This appears to have "diminshed" the water migration. Will check it out when we get 'er back home. Thanks for your suggestions. Rudy
  10. Thanks Rich. I'm not sure I'm on the same wavelength with you. I don't think I have a problem sealing the slide to the Motorhome when it's out. The problem is at the slide's outer wall when it's out. As for tilt --------If I'm seeing things correctly, the slide roofline has "plenty" of drop from the Coach to the outside edge. It's when the water atop the roofline reaches that outside edge that I think it may migrate downward into the slide's outer wall?? But, who knows where the water enters, eh? I'll check out CampCop's suggestion too. Maybe the water enters beneath the gutter, and runs between the roof's inner/outer layers to outside wall???? Rudy.
  11. Below is what I posted to another forum. If anyone is in a position to share some wisdom ------- I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance Water Leak Two days of steady rain bring another new experience ------water leak appears to be entering the exterior wall at slide roofline. We notice dampness on wall panel immediately above the rear window of our forward curbside slide. The moisture then appears to follow the window frame and exit at the base of the frame, to the lower paneling. This is the Curbside "Dinette Slide" on our 2006 Camelot 40 PAQ. Raining too hard at the moment to inspect slide roofline (beneath topper awning), but I'm guessing that the water might be draining off the slide roof to the outside molding which projects above the roofline ---------then, somehow finds a way into the wall???? Has anyone else experienced a similar occurrence? Not having closely inspected that area, might it be as simple as re-sealing roofling at outside molding (This molding I mention is the one extends beyond/seals the opening when slide is retracted). Might I have to remove slide topper awning to achieve this? Seems "awkward" ------a two man job, on a dry day???? Or, does someone have a better solution to offer? Thanks in advance Rudy
  12. Hi Again, Rich Checked water levels -------------- all good. Looks like no less than when put in storage in Fall. For good measure, I removed and cleaned all battery cables. Also confirmed that our Coach has the B.I.R.D. system, capable of maintaining both Chassis, and Coach Batteries. I "unplugged" shore power, started and ran engine for a bit. Everything appears O.K. now ----------- no Alt Chg light, or audible alarm, etc. Thanks for hints/suggestions. Rudy
  13. Thanks again, Rich Intend to check/maintain water levels too. Rudy
  14. Thanks for your suggestions Rich/Brett Generally ---------- I'll try to check out some "unknows" within the next few days (still in storage). As for Batteries ------- all six were replaced in August. Water levels/cable connections good when winterized. Need to recheck. Didn't check static voltage (not running, or plugged in) , but noticed nominally 13+V at Dash Gauge, while running. (But shore power still on) On this last point, is it acceptable, or detrimental to run engine/alternator while still hooked to shore power??? Coach has relatively low (22,000) miles. Till later Rudy
  15. Hello We have a 2006 Camelot PAQ with Cummins ISL We're in the process of bringing the "NEW TO US" Motorhome out of winterized/stored condition. We had it plugged in to ShorePower. Approximately a week ago, we were able to start both the Coach engine and diesel generator --- wanted to run both for a few minutes. On this first attempt, after running both engines a few minutes, I heard an audible signal, and witnessed the "ALT CHARGE" light on the Dashboard. This condition ceased when I shut down the GenSet, but began again after a short time, while running only the Engine. I subsequently shut down the engine, and restarted it only. The light/signal did not reoccur. Yesterday, I went through the same process, and noticed that the ALT CHG light lit up after a short while of running the engine. Initially, I was able to "cancel" it by increasing the RPM slightly, but this was only a momentary fix. So ------------ presently, the light comes on briefly, and extinguishes erratically. Can anyone relate to this anomaly? Things to check/do on my own? Seems like the Operator's manual is not much help in this regard. Thanks for your help Rudy,
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