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  1. We tow a 2012 Smart Fortwo car four wheels down. Since you put the car to sleep by turning off the batterie with a switch to tow the mileage doesn't add to the odometer mileage. We use a BrakeMaster falcon towbar. we don't have a break system because of weight. also we do not have power steering and don't have to bungee steering wheel, our friend has power steering and she does have to bungee her steering wheel. Also her smart is a 2013 and her hood has a different latch and a cross wind will disconnect the hood. So she X bungees the hood to hold it down. we think they are great little cars, easy to tow,park etc. we both tow behind Rexhall class A Motorhomes. Tom & Kathy Manoff
  2. We got car in tow signs from RoadMaster towing systems, they use suction cups to hold inside the window. I also printed red stop sign shaped signs that we put in the side windows. Our toad is a M.B. Smart car. It tows all wheels flat and you don't know you are towing it. It is a automatic you just add a battery switch and put the car to Sleep, it is all computerized. But you have to go through the steps in the manual to put it to sleep and wake it up. Just remember to put your foot on the brake when waking it up, the manual doesn't tell you that, or it won't wake up and you panic. Can you tell been their done that? I also have a sign saying " I'm pushing this big thing in front of me as fast as I can". We get a lot of laughs over that. We have a 32' ft. Rexhall Aerbus.
  3. Make reservations . We did that trip and ended up staying in parking lots and on the street. It is really crowded that time of year. But we had a great time. Kathy & Tom
  4. Thanks to Martha in Florida. We got a Roadmaster set up at Camping World, they did a great job. We have towed our Smart 2012 on 4 trips so far and have had no problems. It tows great you don't know that it is behind you. The first time we hooked up it took us 20 minutes now we can hook up and ready to roll in less than 5 minutes. We also have a battery switch disconnect and follow the instructions in manual to put car to sleep. Remember to step on brake when waking up or it won't wake up. The manual doesn't tell you this. We love the Smart as a tow its a wonderful little car. Kathy in CA.
  5. We have a 32ft Rexhall A Motorhome. We have been looking at the Smart for a tow. How are they to tow? Any suggestions for us first timers. Equipment recommended etc. I guess we just want to know the pros and cons and everything we need to know. We don't want to get into something and have trouble. Thanks for all help. kjym@comcast.net
  6. We tow a Smart behind our 32 ft Rexhall A Motorhome with a RoadMaster Falcon all terrain tow pkg. it tows great you don't know that it is even behind us. We keep the back camera on to watch it. It turns corners no problem, we don't need to hook the wheel with a bungee. and as a plus they are so fun to drive, you don't have a ride like our Yukon but heck it is a fun zippy little car that rides like a sports car we love it. Plus it has more leg room than the Yukon go figure? We are both good sized and we have plenty of room and engine power. Tom & Kathy Manoff
  7. We have a 2012 Smart Car and we tow it 4 wheels down . We do use a battery disconnect when towing, We use a RoadMaster Falcon all terrain towbar, with hidden brackets. It tows great we have no problems at all, it goes around corners like someone is driving the car. We keep the back camera on to make sure it is still there because you really don't know you are towing it. We had the tow Pkg. put on at Camping World and they did a great job. We put a switch on the Battery disconnect so you don't have to pull up the floor to turn the battery on and off. Also Camping World had a special on installing the pkg. $210. and it took 7 hours to install, taking the front off the car was scary to watch. Tom & Kathy Manoff
  8. We purchased a couple of car in tow signs from RoadMaster company. They are nice solid signs. Tom & Kathy Manoff
  9. We Have a 2012 passion fortwo We put a battery disconnect on the car for towing and we tow it 4 wheels down. We had a RoadMaster Falcon All Terrain non-binding tow bar # 522 972 The Hidden Brackets, the Tow plate and the Accessory Kit. We had these installed at Camping World and they did a great job. I must admit it was scary watching them take the car apart to put the Pkg. on. The Car tows fantastic we have had no problems at all. At first I sat in the back to watch out the window and it goes around corners like someone is in the car driving it. We don't even know that the car is behind us, so we keep the back camera on to watch. What is great the cables run in the tow bar so you don't have to wrap them around the tow bar, it makes a clean look. Tom & Kathy Manoff
  10. We had our RoadMaster tow package installed at Camping World in San Martin,CA. They did a great job. We towed the Smart home the 50 miles and it did great. We kept the back camera on to watch. We tow with a 1999 Rexhall Aerbus Ford V-10 gas engine and have a 2012 Smart Fortwo. Kathy
  11. Love both of the signs. How about laminating the sign and punch a hole in the top and use a small suction cup hanger and put on inside your side windows and back ? just a thought since we use a Smart Car toad and body is plastic. Kathy
  12. We had a battery disconnect installed at the Smart Dealer. Our question is: Does the disconnect connect to the positive or the negative side of the battery? We ordered a RoadMaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar and a insta brake system. We have a 3 week wait to have this all installed. I know some of you don't disconnect your battery but the service man at the dealer told us of a Smart that was towed without the battery disconnected and it chewed the engine and transmission up. So that's why we installed one. Do any of you have a Insta brake system installed? Thank you for the help. Kathy
  13. We found a 2012 Smart. We had the batteries turn off put on today and Camping World called and our tow pkg is in. Just to get it installed and we will be on our way. I will let you know about our first trip. We are so happy. Thank's Martha for all the helpful information . We ordered the Road Master like you said. Kathy
  14. We are still hunting for a used Smart. We went to the dealer to buy one of their used ones and darn someone beat us to it. So still dreaming . Kathy
  15. We have a 32ft Rexhall A Motorhome. We have been looking at the Smart for a tow. How are they to tow? Any suggestions for us first timers. Equipment recommended etc. I guess we just want to know the pros and cons and everything we need to know. We don't want to get into something and have trouble. Thanks for all help. kjym@comcast.net
  16. We were going south down highway 35 south of Moore OK. About a hour before they were hit by the Tornado. To say the least being from CA we were terrified. Rain,hail 60 mph wind. We pulled off the highway in the best area we could find and waited it out. When it calmed down we headed on our way. Thank heaven's the wind was pushing us from behind and not sideways. I must admit I don't want to go through that ever again. Kathy Manoff
  17. We have had ours for 7 months. I ordered it for our trip across the U.S. and it was great. It took about a week to receive it after ordering it. Kathy Manoff
  18. We went across the U.S. this summer and we stayed in a few Walmart with no problems. We went in a back corner out of the way under a light and we ask and shopped and it the next morning we went in and thanked them. We have also stayed in a Cracker Barrel and asked the manager first. We have also been in a few restaurants that we have asked if they could tell us of a RV park for the night and they said we could stay in their parking lot. We haven't had any problems. the Manoff's
  19. We have pet insurance on both our dogs. it runs us $2.000 a year. If we could get a policy that covers pre existing would be great. and include knee surgeries and allergies . if the premiums are lower than we are paying now and cover what we need would be great. Good idea Kathleen Manoff
  20. I was wondering the same sort of thing. We are heading from Ca. To N.Y. state with our 2 Shar-Pei dogs. We wanted to go to Canada to see that side of Niagara falls . everything I have read is so confusing . We have a rabies certificate but then I read that you need a health Certificate to go into Canada. Will I got one for each dog from our Vet. $50. each the problem is they are dated 4-20-2013 they expire in 30 days. We won't even be yet. So what do we do now ? I have the feeling it was a waste of $100. So if they don't let us in Canada so what but if they do can we get back into the US ? and of course I just put the 15 pounds of prescription dog kibble into Gal. jars for easier storage and now I read about the dog food thing. It almost makes you want to just stay home and forget the whole thing. This was going to be our "Bucket List" trip to see all the places we have never seen and visit family along the way. It feels like it is turning into a headache. Any suggestions? Kathleen Manoff
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