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  1. Does FMCA RA cover disconnecting driveshaft and is front end carrier needed?
  2. I have had GS and CN with good and not so good experiences . I have FMCA now. Will see.
  3. I use Pilot Flying J RV Plus card when stations are available. I always use truck stops as there is a good turn over of fuel. I never use small gas stations because of friends accounts of getting algae in fuel and costing them so much time and money getting it out of their fuel systems. Some will say they buy the cheapest fuel and never had a problem but others haven't been as fortunate.
  4. 40' Tiffon Phaeton with SafeT Plus. I didn't notice much difference but many claim it helped them. I hope I never have a blow out but if I do it might be worth it.
  5. Diesels do better when driven and low mileage is not necessarily a plus. Higher mileage vehicles that have been properly maintained might be a better option. 100.000 miles on a Caterpillar or Cummins engine is not high mileage and should not discourage a buyer like it might on a gas engine. Low mileage diesels might work just fine if run often and properly maintained.
  6. Thanks for the advise. i reached overheat briefly near top of mountain this summer for first time ever in years with my c7 in Colorado. Pulled over at top and let idle for a few minutes and it returned to normal. I will clean as you suggest and I should not have this issue again.
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