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  1. Central Fla. Bus and Auto has a great transmission man. Has rebuilt and serviced many without any come backs.
  2. I appreciate any comment which states a fact as yours does. PLEASE people, tell the facts, not opinions or coctail talk. I see one has to wade through so much opinion here that it makes it more tedious to find out what is fact. We all have a responsibility to keep our forums the best they can be and not "I heard". Thanks.
  3. Old can be better. Simplicity is a trait I look for in most things.
  4. I have a used coach recently purchased and while cleaning things up I decided a coat of paint on engine would be in order. I always keep my engines clean and painted. The reason for this is I can see anything which is not proper. In this case it was the alternator bracket which was cracked and not noticeable until I had painted engine and saw crack. Good maintenance includes clean and painted engine so problems are easily seen before becoming a bigger issue.
  5. I have blades from a service garage which are heavier duty more robust construction. The shop uses bus blades, might google same for options.
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