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  1. Hi All, I want to equalize my house batteries. they are tied to the engine start batteries during the normal charging process. Should I leave them tied together or isolate the start batteries during the equalization process. The engine start batteries are Alliance batteries. Appreciate any advise. Frank
  2. Wayne, Thanks I'll give them a call. Making a copy and stashing it is a good idea.
  3. Wayne, you are correct. windows will to a straight copy from one device to the other. I just need to find someone willing to send me a copy of their XSG2NA-X1 card. Maybe I'll get lucky. Thanks for your help. Frank.
  4. To anyone out there that has a Xite System. the Card that I'm looking for a copy of can be identified easily. the older systems Nav icon on the screen is a round globe looking icon and not one that says Rand McNally. The older version of Software can be identified on the face of the user manual. the Version number of the card is XSG2NA-X1.or just plain XSG2NA, If you have a system that shows the round icon please contact me to discuss copying the card. My Phone Number is 321-689-0971 Thanks, Frank Zeuner
  5. Wayne, once again thanks for the reply. i'm kind of frustrated about the whole situation. It's hard to believe that Riverpark wouldn't have the XSG2NA-X1 version cards on hand, but it they did they couldn't sell you a newer unit. What software do you use to do your copies and backups?
  6. Wayne thanks for the reply. The unit in my Tradition will not run the Rand McNally Software. i need a card for my unit that has the software prior to the Rand McNally version. Neither Xite or RiverPark handle the older version any longer. if i can't come up with a card I'll have to go with a new system or use a stand alone unit. Thats why i'm looking to see if i can get someone to send me a back up card of the older version software.
  7. While in the shop my American Coach Tradition had the SD Nav Card stolen from the unit. An incorrect or blank card was installed so as not to display a missing card message. I have since found out that the manufacture has updated to Rand McNally software as of 2013. I can not buy a card. every place I call tells me the original software is no longer available. my unit is a 2012 unit in a 2013 coach because of the time-frame it was built. I'm looking for someone who is willing to make a backup of their 2012 card and send me the backup card. i'll try anything to keep from putting out the money to replace the dash unit, which seems to be the only way to get a card. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
  8. Wow, you guys are tough!!! Florida has lemon laws, but the lawyers will tell you they mostly pertain to the chassis and associated hardware. The recourse is to use a Breach of Warranty action. but you have to be awake and watch out. The dealer will usually slide a piece of paper under your nose to sign while closing the deal. "here, this says you received a copy of the warranty" you usually just sign as the closing goes on. The warranty or a special document dedicated to Breach of Warranty will tell you that you can sue for Breach of Warranty only with-in 90 days of the termination of the warranty. as you go through the first year you find and they fix problems, usually without a hassle. when you get down to the end of the warranty period if you send them a final list of issues they'll accept it but then they'll delay the repairs for various reason's. could be parts, the lack of availability for a service appointment etc. they may even fix some items to your satisfaction and some not. in the meantime the clock is ticking. you're basically happy cause they are working on things. now you go beyond the 90 day requirement and they cut you off or refuse to repair items on the list you gave them back before the warranty expired. your not happy you want to take a breach of warranty action and your SOL. the time allotted for that is gone. I've had very reputable sales people tell me that's the way it's designed. Buyer beware.
  9. I have a 2015 Thor Tuscany 45AT on a Freightliner XCM Chassis e/w a Tag. While the unit was at Freightliner for an alignment the Tech discovered that the brackets welded to the frame just forward of the rear dual drive wheels were extremely close to the Brake Chambers. These brackets were added by Thor and are used to hold up the rear support rails of the basement storage. The bracket are situated between lower control arm and the Brake Chambers on both sides. The bracket is double sided. it has a cut out on the inside which is designed to allow clearance of the Brake Chamber. it also has notches on the outside which allow clearance for the Thrust Adjustment Nut and Bolt. On my coach Thor installed the incorrect brackets. The clearance was not even the thickness of a piece of paper. The problem is that the Brake Chamber is mounted to the drive axle and the bracket is mounted to the body. They both move independently and with very little static clearance between the two the bracket rubs or bangs against the Brake Chamber while driving or using the leveling system. My coach was manufactured 1/15/2015. The drawing of the correct bracket was modified on 1/30/2015. So, if you have a Tuscany regardless of Model and it was built before or even close to 1/30/2015 I would have it inspected and checked for any Brake chamber damage. Thor customer service is not notifying owners. They told me it had to be a high percentage issue before they needed to do a recall. When I confronted them with this issue they consented to covering the repair with little or no push-back.. I think they know that have a potential problem out there. Freightliner (Tampa Truck Center), using the correct drawing obtained from Thor removed the Brake Chambers, used a plasma cutter and modified the Brackets and installed new brake chambers at no charge to me. A repair that cost over $2000.00. Pictures of damaged brake chambers and bracket drawings are attached. Image 8 is the correct bracket and image 9 is the incorrect bracket. The brake chamber is loaded with a very strong spring used as your static brake when parked. If the back of the Brake Chamber comes apart due to damage that spring is turned loose and could do a lot of damage possible causing loss of air pressure. And you know the consequences if that occurs.
  10. Has anyone driven Utah 14 cedar city to route 89 in a 45 foot Class A Diesel? Whats the route like and do you recommend it?? Thanks for your input. Frank Z.
  11. I have a 2012 Expedition on a Freightliner Chassis. I'm on a trip from Florida to California and back. When I get up to 55 or 60 I start to hear a sound from the front tires that sounds like a out of balance situation. Instead of a steady tire singing on the pavement it starts to get intermittent. The sound is like weee,weee,weee for lack of a better example, instead of a steady weeeeeeeee. I had two new Michelins installed on the front in South Dakota thinking is was a tire. the problem is still there, but less noticeable. I've also noticed that it is more pronounced on bumpy or choppy roads. Its sort of like the shocks are bad and not damping the axle movement or bounce. I have 20K miles and it is still running on the factory shocks. The unit steers fine and handles fine. it had a 4 wheel alignment at 10k. This didn't just suddenly start it has been coming on slowly. I've looked at Bilstein shocks and am on the verge of finding a shop that can replace the originals with the Bilstein's. Any comments and or advice would be appreciated. Frank
  12. I'm looking for some help installing a Brake Controller in a 2012 Expedition. Has anyone accomplished this? I found the Chassis PDM with the relays and fusing for the brake turn and marker lights. Under the center Dash I found the fusing for the "trailer brakes", a 30 amp fuse is installed. Any help would be appreciated. Frank
  13. I have a 2012 Fleetwood Expedition. It is equipped with 2 Coleman Mach Units. They are actually made by Airxcel. The rear unit is a Heat pump and the front unit is a straight air conditioner. One thermostat controls both units and also controls cooling and heating. The thermostat is also an Airxcel product. Each unit is connected to a control board called the upper control board. This board is optioned at the time of installation to designate the Zone of the unit and whether or not the unit is a heat pump or non-heat pump. When all is well and optioned properly the zone with the heat pump when calling for heat will run the heat pump before running the gas furnace. if the heat pump does not satisfy the demand then the gas furnace is activated. Since I have owned the Expedition it has never run the heat pump during the heat cycle. I have reprogrammed the thermostat telling it that zone 2 is a heat pump and it never runs the heat pump. I'm thinking the control board for the zone 2 unit is optioned for as non-heat pump. The installation directions which are part of the thermostat information call for a control box to be mounted in the return air plenum and the control board is installed in that box. I have opened each unit and opened the plenum cover and there is no control box visible. So the 64 thousand dollar question is WHERE's the UPPER CONTROL BOARD LOCATED? I guess I got a little long winded here but that's me. I'd appreciate any help. Frank Zeuner Lakeland, Florida.
  14. I have a full width storage slide that will slide out either left or right. It's brand new and hardly ever used. It was installed in my 2012 Expedition when I bought it. I life in Lakeland Florida, so if your in the area and want it you can have it for free. All you have to do is come and get it. respond with a phone number or email and I'll contact you. Frank Zeuner
  15. Brett, Thanks, I'm going to do as you suggest. I'll let you know how I make out. Frank.
  16. I have a 2012 Fleetwood Expedition built on a Freightliner XCM Chassis. With about 5K miles on it I started noticing a clunk clunk sound coming from what sounds like the passanger side. The noise is more prevalent at slow speeds, like when slowing to pull into a rest stop, or driving across the parking areas. I've told Freightliner service about the noise, but everytime they have the unit they tell me they can't recreate it. They tightened the upper bolts holding the shocks in order to get the bracket to squeeze on the bushing tube on the shock thinking it may be moving up and down. I haven't had it jacked up in the front to shake the wheel to see if a wheel bearing is loose myself. There are no bearing oil leaks so I'm figuriing the bearing are set up properly. If they were loose the seal would be getting beat up and a leak would occur. Has anyone experienced this issue, and if so what was the cause. I'd appreciate any help you can provided. Frank Zeuner
  17. Mineral oil, that's interesting. it doesn't effect the performance of the battery? Also, what did you use for tie down straps? I was looking at the big straps they use on flex duct work in houses. They are long, large and probably would withstand any stress.
  18. I have been cleaning off the corrosion on the hold down clips on the house batteries long enough. They are Exide Batteries with painted metal clips holding them down. The gas from the batteries eats off the paint and the clip grows a big flower, if you know what I mean. Has anyone permanently solved this issue??
  19. Kay, Thanks for the advise.. I looked at a map and see where Veterans Parkway will by pass Pigeon Forge. That should be a big help. I used to be one of those fifth wheelers and always tried to make sure I stayed on my side. Thanks again, Frank
  20. I'm heading to the Smokeys from Lakeland Florida. I need to know if going up over the Smokeys on Route 23/441 is a good idea. I have a 38 foot Fleetwood with a 360 Cummins, but i also tow an F150 4X4. Any advise would be appreciated.
  21. Jim, Did you pick them up off of ebay? also whats the part or model number?
  22. I have small round spots in my coach equipped with small 12 volt, 10 watt C6 bulbs. i'd like to change them out for LED's. Has anyone found a replacement for them?
  23. Thanks for the replys. i'm going to check out Eskimo outerware and see if they are on the net.
  24. I have a 2012 Fleetwood Expedition and would like to put a nice sheepskin or some other fabric on the drivers seat. I drive wearing shorts and stick to the seat. I live in Florida and we don't own long pants. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
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