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  1. The original posted states Tiffin is not taking ANY coaches for service. Warranty service is being done and they changed to only warranty service quite some time ago.
  2. I just called the office at Red Bay, spoke to Teresa. She said there is no change in the service center. They work on all Tiffin products but just don't do third party extended warranty work. Total rumor.
  3. In state or out of state, not really an issue for me. We live in Indiana and purchased ours from FL. Most important things for me is the deal, the warranty, reputation of the manufacturer, and is there an authorized service center within a reasonable distance for home ( not necessarily in that order).
  4. Selah

    EEZ Tire TPMS

    Thanks Tireman9. I did a lot of online research and had settled on the TST system, then ran across the EEZ Tire TPMS. They certainly look identical, display, sending units, availability of a booster unit, same anti theft key, etc I'm pretty set on one or the other, just hoping that some one had previous experience with the EEZTire. Unless I hear something to the contrary, I'll go with the EEZTire. I'll post my experience.
  5. As a new "proud to be" member, where do most people place the plaques on their MH? We will be proud to display them!
  6. Selah

    EEZ Tire TPMS

    For a ten tire setup, thenTST 501 ( non replaceable batteries) is $499, thenTST 507 ( replaceable batteries) is $559, and the EEZTire system is $429 with replaceable batteries.
  7. Selah

    EEZ Tire TPMS

    Looking at a ten tire TPMS. Does any one have any experience with the EEZTire TPMS system. From looking at the Amazon site it appears to be identicle to the TST507 but is significantly less expensive. ....... Thanks . Paul
  8. We have ordered an Allegro 36LA and have been scouring the Internet for ideas that we might want. One of the items we are not sure about is screen rooms that attach to the awning. We are not full timers but plan on taking trips lasting a month or so at a time. Perhaps staying one or two weeks at each stop. Does anyone have any experience with awning attached screen rooms? Are they worth the hassle? Do you use them much? Can they be used at most parks? BTW: we are new to RVing. Paul Anderson
  9. Thanks everyone. Shields has some good points and I think that is the route I'll go. I'll wait on the RV cover and see how it goes. I'll also continue to look for sove inside or covered storage.
  10. Of course inside, heated, and powered would be our first option... But! Can't store it at home, neighborhood covenants, and we priced out an inside heated (no power) at $285.00/mo. With all of the expenses of equiping a new motorhome, we are new to the RV life, that is simply too much at least for this year. Did find some covered storage for much less but it is more than an hours drive from home. We live in Indianapolis. So, outside storage it is. I now have one yes and one no. Any one else?
  11. Just ordered a new Allegro 36LA. We will be storing it outside In a commercial storage lot. Would like to get some thoughts from the veterans ( we are newbies) on whether we should use a cover or not. They seem to be reasonably priced but don't know the pros and cons. Paul ..... Would like to list all the stuff we have But we haven't got it yet... Another 6 weeks maybe.
  12. There is a place in Lafayette IN that has a large building that they fence off sections for RV storage. Can't remember the name. Try searching the Lafayette area for RV storage. That was the closest to Indy I could find. Paul Anderson Über Nubie
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