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  1. From March until October I drive "18 wheelers and larger" in the Canadian Rockies and upper North West US... During the winter we do exactly the same as everyone else on this page ... tour the country on our MCI coach.. We have a brakmaster that is activated off the air brakes when I apply the brakes... Having said this I would like to point out a few observations from my experience traveling in the mountains... I have watched motorhomes come to the top of a long hill, without slowing down, and start down... then they realize the error of their ways... and... on come the brakes and thoughts of "am I going to fast, and how do I get slowed down"... are upper-most in his mind... for the most part they make it to the bottom intact.... My suggestion.... based on 40+ years of experience is to SLOW down at the top of the hill, (especially if you have never been on this road before).... drop a gear, and let the engine brake do the work... then you only apply the brake on a "need to use" basis... This is the method I use professionally and with my motor home... Another comment ... if you are following a truck down a long hill and you see brake lights all the time, stay behind him, as air brake efficiency lessens as they get hotter, and when you see smoke, stay a long way back, this may be a dandy in the making.. If you let the engine do the work, you'll never burn up the brake from over use.... drive safe... enjoy the ride!!
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