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  1. I have a 27 foot Airstream. Loaded weight is 7700 lbs. I currently tow with an F250 Diesel but am thinking about going down to an F150 (so I put it in my garage) with the Max Trailer package. This is suppose to allow the F150 to tow up to 13000 lbs. My questions: Will the F150 be able to stop the trailer? Will I have issues going up hills? Has anybody had experience towing an Airstream with a lighter duty truck like the F150? I am looking for any advice/input. We use the Airstream to travel from AZ to VT and back each year. Thanks for any and all help!
  2. My 2013 Journey required a 4 inch step up to have a level tow bar connection to my 2005 Honda Pilot. I could not believe how low the hitch was on the Freightliner chassis compared to my 2001 Winnebago.
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