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  1. A big chunk of the tank broke off so fixing it is not an option. Any other ideas? Thanks, Bill
  2. Any ideas where I can purchase a grey water tank for an Apollo 3200RB 32'? Any wreckers that might have one? Thank-you, Bill
  3. I just purchased a very clean 1978 Apollo with 28000 miles on it. There are switches on the shifting lever housing that are stock. It also shows the same switches in the book that came with it. One is a momentary and the other is an on-off toggle. Im thinking with the location at the transmission shifter it is an overdrive system. Anyone know if they had overdrive on the Dodge chassis? Thank-you, Bill
  4. I just purchased this RV and the headlights are dim and gauges are erratic? Could this be a ground issue. If so, any suggestions on where to start? Thank-you, Bill
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