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  1. I went to Airstream's web site and they tell me the engine is an Isuzu 351 cu in turboed engine that puts out 151HP, and will give 14.9 mph. That may be all down hill with a tail wind.
  2. I'm still looking: Latest I've come across is a 1985 32-foot Airstream motorhome with an Isuzu diesel engine for $12,500. Is this a good deal or should I run? Haven't looked at it yet.
  3. I suppose if you already had the big diesel truck, and used it for other things, it would make more sense to go the 5th wheeler route. My self I think the motor home towing a suv is the way to go. Sure do know what you mean by wife and bathrooms.
  4. I know this is a motorhome site, but I'm sure some of you may have had a pickup and fifth wheel trailer at some time. I would like to hear all your opinions on each pro or con, as to convenience, initial cost, and traveling expenses .
  5. Drill

    Fuel Mileage

    Tim That is about what I was expecting. I know there are so many variables that guessing any closer than that is impossible. Thanks for the info. Drill
  6. Drill

    Fuel Mileage

    I am a first time buyer with a limited budget. It seems the engines in most rigs in my range have either a 454GM, 460 Ford or 440 Dodge. I know there are many variables, but can any one give me a ball park guesstimate at the mileage these engine would give me? What about other costs per mile? Thanks for any advice.
  7. I'm still looking to buy a motor home. Diesel is out of my price range, so the ones available all seem to have a 454 GM, 460 Ford or 440 Dodge in them. Is one really any better or worse than the other? I would expect all to have good points and bad. I would like to hear opinions on them one way or the other. Thanks. Drill
  8. Drill

    GM 6.2 Diesel

    I agree that Cat or Cummins were better engines, but there way out of my price range. What do you guys think of the GMC motorhomes with the Oldsmobile 455 front wheel drive set up? I see some 26ft advertised in my price range.
  9. Drill

    GM 6.2 Diesel

    I'm new to motor homes. Haven't even bought one yet. Looking at an ad for a 1987 Empress Triple E that has a GM 6.2 diesel engine with an Allison tranny. Any one have any advice one way or the other. In advance thank you.
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