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  1. It's 15 miles long! 2-lanes. No stopping! Make sure you have plenty of Gas!
  2. 1. Angel Marien 2. U.S. Air Force 3. 20yrs-10days 4. Tsgt. (E-6) 5. Photomapping career Field (MOS/AFSC 22750) 6. Nov. 1957,(17yrs Old) Lackland AFB, Basic Tng, Jan. 1958, McConnell, AFB, Wichita KS. (Got Married Here) Apr. 1959, PCS Moron AFB, Spain. (Close to Sevilla) Apr. 1963, PCS Lincoln AFB, NE. (UGH!) Base Closes 1965 (YEA!) Jun. 1965, PCS McConnell AFB, Wichita, KS. Dec.1967, PCS U-Tapao AB, Thailand (with a couple of weeks at Ton-Sanut AB, Saigon, S.Vietnam) Dec.1969, PCS Ramey AFB, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (Great Base!) Jan. 1973, PCS Altus, AFB, OK. (Divorced Here) Nov. 1977. Retire from Air Force My military career was very good. It served me well in Civilian Life as a Illustrator/Graphic Artist & learned Architectural & Drafting. Was hired by Northrup Aerospace Corp, in Lawton, OK, then transferred to Rockwell International in Oklahoma City (Aviation Division), was transferred to Rockwell International, Richardson, TX. Was hired by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), at Dallas,TX., from where I retired after 20 yrs there. 1997,purchased my first motorhome (40' Elite). Drove to Orlando, FL. Fell in love with the state and have remained here since then. Traded the Elite MH, for a Fleetwood Discovery. Did various part-time jobs in Orlando. Now,fully retired and traveling every 5-6 months throughout this beautiful and GREAT country. I always salute members of the Armed Forces, Police & Firemen, and thank them for their service.
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