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  1. Greetings huffypuff! We store our sewer hoses in the same place with a large piece of split drain pipe. However, I like your idea better. Ooops, another project... Regarding the fresh water hose reel: Ours threw a cog one day and I was a little irritated to find that there was no easy way to R/R it. I've never liked the configuration of our service bay (2006 Monaco Diplomat 40PDQ), so out came the saber saw. The entire plastic panel is gone, along with the hose reel, about 10 feet of excess wiring, and three feet of excess pex. The entire area was re-plumbed and the open space above the holding tanks was captured for our fresh water hoses. The plastic panel was replaced with painted plywood and the fittings and valve that were saved from the old one. It took a few days but it was worth it.
  2. Greetings Stirling Family, Imagine our surprise when found a Monaco coach parked on the beach near Salema, Portugal. We were there in June 2013, touring by car. Was it your coach? It looks like you are having a grand time. We are full-time RVrs in a 2006 Monaco Diplomat 40 PDQ. Safe travels, Riley & Karen Caton
  3. We'll be attending the Madison 2015 rally. Anyone interested in joining for a geocacher meet and greet event during the event? We'll create an event cache in the near future.
  4. Greetings! Madison will be our first FMCA Rally and we are looking forward to it. We like to volunteer at events and were wondering who we should contact. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Riley & Karen Caton
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