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  1. I was reading the instruction manual for a Roadmaster RM3477 noticed it stated that the steering wheel of the towed vehicle must be locked or secured to prevent the vehicle from moving and damaging the vehicle and dolly by hitting the dolly fenders. My questions are: (1) Do all dollies have this requirement? (2) How likely is it that the car will shift position if not secured? (3) How do you secure the steering wheel if doesn't lock with the key (mine doesn't lock)?
  2. I think the extra weight from the change of angle coupled with too low of air pressure sounds like the most likely reason. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the info I didn't have the car loaded heavily. I think the alignment was ok but I'll have it checked just to be certain.
  4. I towed my 2007 Impala from New Mexico to Florida using a U-haul dolly. When I got to Florida the rear tires were "scalloped" and made so much noise that I had to replace them. The tire shop said the car's shocks were fine so they weren't sure why it happened unless it was a geometry problem (angle of the rear shocks in relation to the movement of the tires on bumps etc when the car was on the dolly. Has anyone else had this problem or have an idea why it happened?
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