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  1. Thanks. It is just me at home right now (husband fishing in Minnesota) and so I am limited in what I can figure out mechanically. Although I think I have taken a crash course in the past week. Anyway, the leak is definitely at the hydraulic bay up front under the driver in the first bay. It is covered in the oil and it literally sprays out of the top of the power unit valve assembly (where all the valves hook up it appears).
  2. I am just outside Omaha, nebraska
  3. Thanks, Herman. There is definitely a leak. When I try to retract, it literally sprays oil all over the hydraulic bay and seems to be coming from the power unit valve assembly (or close to it). I have a Mandalay 2005 40E Cummins 400 ISL, Freightliner motorhome. HWH jacks, slides etc. The jacks will work but also sprayed out some oil and the slides seem to have no problem (but leaving them in at this point to not cause myself further problems). This is the dumbest question, but I would assume I add the fluid in the back of the RV in the Hydraulic fluid reservoir, right? That only shows a little low and I will get some fluid for that. But all the oil is clear and the reservoir is definitely the pink dextron III or whatever you call it. Thanks for any advice. I can't find anyone to service it and now my trip looks like it is off the table. So much for Disneyworld with the kids. Trish
  4. Thanks. I think I also have something leaking in the hydraulic bay. I will have one of my friends come over and give it a shove. I did lube up the rails and will look for the rollers. Thank you.
  5. Hi all; Seems like one thing leads to another. Opened up the generator slide out to add window washer fluid. No problem going out. But now it won't budget retracting. Any ideas? It makes the hydraulic noise like it's trying to do it, but no movement. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. Honestly, I think I have too much time alone this week to think about all the things I should be checking. I have NEVER ever been this OCD and nervous and it makes me mad at myself. I have already thought about what I will do if I break down and it is a serious issue. I guess I will rent a car, change the reservations at Disney to a cabin and take my trip, drive back and pick up the motorhome. I like to walk myself off the ledge and back in from a worst-case scenario. Or I could break down in the middle of the Smokey Mountains like we did one year when it was myself, my mother and my kids. The golf cart trailer we had blew a tire, wrecked the trailer and we had to get it towed. That's when "Big Daddy's Fireworks, Liquor and Wrecking" picked up the trailer for us, found us a new trailer (couldn't get one that night because the mayor who sold the trailers would be drunk by that time of night) to buy and let us camp in the parking lot of the fireworks/liquor/towing store all night. Made us coffee in the morning, got the golf cart hooked up to the new trailer and off we went. I suppose if I could survive that, I can survive anything. LOL Anyway, thank you for the vote of confidence and way to go to your wife.
  7. Good to read these solutions. I've tried the ultrasonic rodent deterrent, bounce dryer sheets and traps. Doesn't seem to matter. Every year after winter, there is evidence of mice. This last time, I have found mouse crap everywhere, but no evidence of a nest anywhere (which is strange). I am hoping that they moved out being that it's summer as I am not finding any nests or any mice and I am looking with flashlights in every crevice and corner, disinfecting and cleaning EVERYTHING but just am wondering if this is just something I have to deal with being that we live on land surrounded by cornfields on 2 sides. I have 3 dogs so not sure I want to do the poison thing (although maybe that's all I can do). Will try some fresh cab too. Any other hints are readily accepted! Thanks.
  8. Dumb answer but did you check the circuit breakers? Or we had this happen once and it was someone had hit the stairs with something because they were out of alignment. Pushed them back to where they should have been and no issues.
  9. Thank you for your kind post. I have been getting lots of practice driving lately to the repair shop and for new tires. LOL I have roadside assistance and am not going to drive late into the night so that at least should I break down, it will be during the day since my husband won't be with me and only my 13 year old son will. So, I have had it PM'd, new tires, checked air and all fluids. I will weigh it next week once mostly loaded and then cross my fingers, say a prayer and deal with what comes my way. I did pretty well using the tape on the side (8 feet forward of rear axle) and backed in nice and straight. I worry more about the front clearing parked cars in opposite sites. But I will also watch that Lazy Days video and see what this mirror marking is all about. Thanks so much . Trish
  10. Thank you all. I am 51 years old and it's not so much an age thing but just feeling more nervous about things. I don't know. I would like to do more RVing than I do, but my husband is somewhat disabled (and a bit older) and so anything that has to be done on the MH either has to be hired or I have to do it. He does drive it better than me though. We have one trip we take religiously to Notre Dame and even if that is the only time we use it in a year, it is worth it to me to keep. The family time is priceless. We have our own indoor storage so for now, keeping makes more sense. I am getting more confident the more I am in it getting it ready for my trip to Florida. I did add refrigerant to the dash air compressor and was proud I figured that out and also figured out that I think the compressor is leaking. The fact that I could find and identify the compressor is big in itself. The guy at the repair facility I took it to today (leaks are outside my pay grade LOL) asked how I knew that one hose was all covered in an oily substance under the coach. "Who diagnosed that?" Me: "Um, I did." He looked at me like I had two heads and then I said, "I climbed underneath to take a look". And the good thing is when I was under the motorhome, I found a fog light unplugged and the clip hanging. Connected that up and it works great. So it's baby steps and just jumping back in. I am hoping this trip gets me feeling more confident. (and that nothing bad happens). Thanks again for the comments. Trish
  11. Thanks. I was convincing myself I was crazy and maybe it was ok the entire way back. But no. As soon as I left the second time it was nice and smooth and felt like I was used to.
  12. So interesting to mention the balancing. We got new tires all around today and I was driving it out and as soon as I got up to 55, boy was that steering wheel shaking. Turned right around and had the tires re-balanced (or maybe balanced right?) and when doing so they found a small imperfection in one of the front tires. Took it off and put a different one on and driving home the coach felt good again. But my day that was supposed to be a quick 1 hour go get the motorhome and drive home turned into about a 5 hour trip. Oh well. I do feel better now that I have new tires. Thanks for all the help.
  13. I have had my MH for 11 years. When we first got it, I didn't think much about it. Took it on the road, had some fun, brought it back to the barn and that's it. Winterize it, keep your tire pressures stable and fix the little things as they came along. Now, we don't use it much and haven't for the past 5 years. Probably just once or twice a year for a weekend. I find that the less I use it, the more nervous I get at the thought of all that can go wrong. We are getting new tires put on and just deciding that one has me (to quote my husband) anal about the whole thing. I'm nervous about backing it into a tight campground, nervous about tire blow outs and on and on. I don't know if I am just somehow old now or if ignorance was bliss. It seems like other people know so much about all technical things of their MH. Do you all weigh the unit 4 corners every time you take it out? I've only weighed mine (axle by axle) twice I think.
  14. Hi all: I appreciate all the knowledge on this site. We have Michelin 275/80R22.5 XZA3s currently and love the ride of our coach. But we hardly use it. I mean the past few years, we took it out 1 weekend a year. I want to use it more and am going down to Disney and the original tires (2005) are still on it. Stored inside and have been getting them inspected and the tire dealer kept saying they were good. Anyway, I just am not comfortable traveling on them anymore. I have heard good things about Hankook and Toyo and am having a hard time finding anyone in the area with them. We will probably end up doing the Michelin Advantage program but in that we use it so little, it would be nice to save some money too. The one tire dealer we have been having them inspected on has Continentals and recommended their General Tire. They also have Michelins but say they aren't part of the program. Anyone with experience in this area and with some of the other brands would be really appreciated. Thanks so much. Trish
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