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  1. Seems like you'd need to figure the FMCA dues in the equation somehow. If thats the only benefit I use then its $234 per year.
  2. We've stayed at Oak Plantation a few times and liked it. It's convenient to stuff in the Charleston area. Only problem I recall is trying to make a left turn out of the park at certain times of the day. Sites we have been on were roomy and worked well for us. I would stay there again. Lots of folks like James Island County park. We have not stayed there but the time or two we rode through there it seemed pretty crowded, particularly in summer with the other attractions in the park open. Some of my family members have been there and really like it though.
  3. Ho Hum RV Park.. just East of Carrabelle.
  4. We have been to Carrabelle a couple of times previously. We like Ho Hum just east of Carrabelle. Small, quiet, no kids. And, plenty of good oysters near by!
  5. With the unknown's about the festival, and us wanting some peace and quiet, we decided to move east... way east.. like Carrabelle FL! Seems like it's always quiet there.
  6. Yes but thanks for the reminder. Thats one reason I'm so concerned about the crowds, wondering if the SP beach parking area will be full with concert goers. One of the maps I saw looked like the SP beach parking lot is one of the shuttle stops.
  7. RV Park Reviews is a staple with my travel planning too. I often have 3 tabs open on the internet at the same time... RV Park Reviews map view, Passport America, and google maps!
  8. Waking this thread back up...we are scheduled at Gulf State Park the end of May. I found out there's a big music festival - Hangout Fest - at that time. Will the place be over run with folks then or should we still be able to enjoy the beach?
  9. We stayed at Bar Harbor Campground a couple of years ago and would consider it again. They do not take reservations, but we got there shortly after noon and didn't have a problem finding a spot. We took a pull through in the part of the cg near the office area, but there were openings out on the front facing the ocean. It's close to the national park, and there's a pretty good lobster pound right across the road!
  10. Agree with Jim on Oak Plantation. We have always stayed there and like it. Lots of folks like James Island County Park but we have not stayed there yet. We do plan to try it though, as it is close to some friends of ours that live in Folly Beach.
  11. You'll be missing quite a treat! The 7 mile bridge is usually the highlight of the drive. Makes us feel like we have finally arrived! Such a beautiful view, I wouldn't want to miss it at all.
  12. Amen to that! With my previous Bounder I usually had the engine running while extending/retracting the slides since that's what Fleetwood said. And it seems kind of natural when arriving or leaving a campsite to do it that way. If I was at home with 50amp shore power connected I may not start the engine. Now though, our new to us HR Endeavor DP is completely backward from the instructions for the Bounder...engine off when operating the slides. Additionally the Bounder specified to always deploy leveling jacks before operating the slides. The HR specifically says to deploy slides, dump air, then level. I'll get used to it eventually!
  13. Been reading this one as I am currently scheduled to take delivery of a new to us '08 HR Endeavor w/ 400HP ISL 8.9 next week. My gas Bounder has consistently averaged 7.00 MPG towing or not. The biggest difference with the gasser seems to be running the dash A/C..MPG takes a noticable hit then. On another note... Can't tell you how many times we've been pumping gas next to a car and we get the question "wow.. how much does it cost!?" My answer: "same as you $2.59 (or whatever) per gallon!" After that they'll either leave the smart alec alone or its the start of a good conversation.
  14. Ya know.. there are so many resources and you think you have all the links you need, then you come across a post like this! Not only the Roadguides.com, but it also has a link to another set of apps that are interstate specific! Perfect since we are leaving Sunday morning headed down I95. Thanks so much for posting!!!
  15. We were at Acadia NP in Sept 2013. Parked at Bar Harbor Campground which we found to be good for us. No reservations so get there shortly after noon and get a good place. Huge campground with lots of wooded and open sites. Also views of the water in some sites. We stayed there and took the toad to Acadia several days. And as you are asking, we used the toad to range as far south as Thomaston, and as far north as Jonesport. Lots of bays and small towns to explore and lots of lobster to eat (cheap!) Going as far north and south as we did was about the limit i would want to go. There is so much to enjoy along the way that we definitely dont want to rush through it. So next time...we would take time and stop at several more towns along the way. Also do not forget to go to the northern section of Acadia - Schoodic Point. While MDI was crowded, there was almost no one at Schoodic Point. And I have to say that comming from the flat coastal beaches of the Carolinas, the rocky coastal scenery was breath taking!
  16. We just got back from 3 days at Huntington Beach SP. Had a great time as usual. Since it was short notice we had to change sites one day to stay. Saw the gators, rode bikes over to Murrells Inlet for some fresh oysters at lunch. The bike paths have been improved so you can ride from the park to Murrells inlet, and down to Lichfield Beach (i was told but we didnt go that way.) There's plenty to do in the park. Take kayaks if you have them too!
  17. Thanks Herman.. i'll add that one to my bookmark list.
  18. Thanks Brian. I decided to pass on this one...too many unanswered questions about its history.
  19. I'v used Progressive for the last 10 years here in NC, thankfully never had to file a claim. Each year I shop around, including Blue Sky & GEICO. All have about the same rates as set by the NC insurance commissioner, so I'v stuck with Progressive. I wanted to go with State Farm since I have my cars and home owners there, but my agent says they dont do RV's in NC as a specialty and that I would be better served by another company with a specific RV policy. (He's a really honest guy!) Just as an aside, if you just do the auto-renewal each year, you may end up paying more. Several years ago I got a lower rate from Blue Sky, then called Progressive and compared each line item. They still had me at the original purchase value, not the current market value, which is what I had given Blue Sky.
  20. Looking at a 2009 Allegro Bus 36QSP. I'm aware of the coach issues with that model year (roof rails, wet bay, driver slide) and other house items. My question is in regard to the Powerglide chassis with the Cummins ISL (425hp.) Any concerns there other than normal routine maintenance? It has about 50k miles on it. I am on the Tiffin RV net also, but wanted to get opinions here as well. Thanks!
  21. There are very limited number of FHU sites at Huntington Beach SP. Maybe only 10 out of the 120+ sites in the park. However you may luck up and find one available...like I did for a few days at the end of April. :>) And it depends on what you mean by events.. Huntington has an outstanding ranger program, that may still include a Ghost Tour of the Atalaya at night. My son was not really a beach lover but he went to all the ranger talks during the day!
  22. Check out Fort Pickens Campground. Its part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Beautiful beaches and close to Pensacola.
  23. Same here. Our '05 Bounder 32W does about 7 +/- a tenth or 3 depending on winds, hills, towing the Chevy Tracker etc. Two years ago I put new Hankook AH11 truck tires on it replacing the original Goodyears. The Hankooks track much truer and have a smoother ride, but I my mileage was less by 2 or 3 tenths. Measuring against the GPS several times over long periods I figured that the new tires have larger circumference...meaning that my the mileage shows less on the odometer than it used to for the same distance driven. So as Herman says.. check your mileage on GPS and against the mile markers as was suggested.
  24. Hey Carl.. thats a great coach for the money. We looked at a '06 DaVinci and a '07 Sienna..but unfortunately due to a family illness we didn't go for it. I was really leaning toward the Sienna but the DaVinci was a great buy as well. One thing you may want to do if you haven't done so is get on the IRV2 forum and go to the "Owners Forums".. there you will find a forum dedicated to the Country Coach Owners that has a wealth of information. There is some discussion there regarding radiators and the "wet PTO" that you may want to check out. Enjoy the new ride!!!
  25. Campcop.. curious as to what you mean by "had to do that". NC has exemptions for RV drivers for personal use.
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