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  1. We have an 08 American Tradition and have had several problems with the Power Gear hydraulic levelers within the last month. It all started when I noticed hydraulic fluid leaking on to my driveway the day we returned from a trip. Upon investigation, I found that one of the hydraulic lines had come loose from the fitting securing it to the pump. After taking the unit to our local dealer, I was informed that other lines had shown 'bubbling' and Fleetwood and Power Gear recommended replacing all of the lines. We replaced all of the lines and when we got the coach back, the leveling system had seem to have lost its mind. While attempting to level the coach, the front jacks lifted the front tires off of the ground because the control panel said that the rear of the coach was high. The rear of the coach was actually low according to my manual bubble. After retracting the jacks and attempting to level the coach in manual mode, the front jacks would retract the moment they touched the ground. After taking the coach back to my dealer and demonstrating the problem to them, I was told that the system would need to be reprogrammed. The next day, I was called and told that the pump and motor had burned up and these would also need to be replaced. I am currently waiting on one to come from Power Gear. I post this to see if anyone out there has had this kind of problems with hydraulic levelers? As it stands now, we will have spent over $3000 to repair this system! Makes one want to look into purchasing an extended warranty. Thanks for any replys,
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