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  1. Have tried, not removing the three different type symptoms on rear camera of rolling picture frames, flutter-on and off, and simply no picture at all. The most often symptoms are a washed out rolling picture like the old black and white analog tvs used to experience or flutter(on and off rapidly). Thanks though for you reply, appreciate and worth a try.
  2. I am having issues with no picture, rolling frames, and or flutter when I try and view the image from the rear or back up camera. First can someone tell me what they think it is. The side cameras come in fine on the same dash screen. If it is believed that I should check the plug ins on the back of the dash screen........need some help as I am not sure how to get to the back of the dash screen module on my 2013 Winnebago Journey 36M. So any info on that would help. I have tried to pry off the plastic frame around the screen thinking there would be screws that would allow one to remove the screen and I am unable to pry off the thin plastic frame. Any help on diagnosing and accessing problem would be appreciated. Robert Claggett 843 359 1817 and e-mail cratchet50@aol.com.
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