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  1. Where can you purchase the materials to repair fogged glass?
  2. That is why I am going with a different approach. Why go with what is apparently not working. Efficiency is not quite as good, I agree with that, but the expense of a reoccurring problem is ridiculous. I personally would rather give a permanent fix over a possible temporary fix. I guess everyone has their own approach. I want to give a different approach.
  3. I would assume for the sales advantage, because that is so important in a house. A house does not have the extreme temperature change and movement. A house has a larger air space, about 1/2" to 3/4", which increases your R value to about 2.5 to 2.75. More air to heat or cool. In my opinion, bad idea. Part of the reason that Alfa went under. I will assume they will get better at this just like the housing market did, but that doesn't help what is already out in the market.
  4. I called Duncan Glass today and they told me that they repair insulated glass and only give a one year warranty. She told me that is all they will do, maybe someone did it behind the scene. I have heard of another car window company doing that and they glued the glass to the frame. I will be using a new rubber spacer that I have already contacted someone about custom making for me. Duncan Glass also charges $325.00 for the first window and $275.00 for every window thereafter to repair the insulated glass. The R value for clear laminated glass 1/4" thick is about 1.15, for insulated glass that is 1/8"-3/16"air space-1/8" which your motor home should have is about 1.6. Laminated glass also reduces noise level. The weight should be about the same because you will have a total glass thickness of 1/4" on both units. Again, the fog problem will never be an issue again. I am getting ready to order all of the materials to start doing this, I have several people in my area that are waiting on me to get started. Please, if you have any other questions, just ask. Thanks, Steve
  5. I will find out all of these questions and post what I find out as quickly as I can. Hopefully within the next few days. Thanks for all of the questions because I am really interested in doing this.
  6. If you don't mind I need just a few details. You should have about 13 windows that contain 1 to 3 pieces of insulated glass in each window. Are they all fogged? You should have several that slide side to side or up and down. On one of your sliders, check the overall thickness of the glass, it should be 7/16". What area are you from? I am in Mt. Juliet, TN, which is just East of Nashville.
  7. This issue is not covered with any extended warranty from my understanding.
  8. I will search for this information and post it. I know what kind of problem this is from my research. The companies that are repairing the insulated glass are for the most part giving a 2 year warranty because that is all they feel comfortable giving. I would never put someone's business down, that is not my reasoning. I can repair the insulated glass just like anyone else. If the window company experts are having this much of a problem getting it right, then repairing is not a good long term solution.
  9. Yes, the glass that you have is 1/8" glass 3/16" space 1/8" glass which is very little insulated space. It would be 1/4" laminated glass like your windshield glass. Most new rv's have single pane glass. Most camping is done in good weather, and full timers usually follow good weather. There will be very little noticeable difference and stop a recurring problem. One person that approached me has an Alpha with 14 windows and all are fogged. To replace the windows it would cost around $9,000.00, and to repair the insulated glass would be about $2,800.00 and this motor home will have this problem again. To replace with laminated glass would be about $3,600.00 and never have this problem again.
  10. I have been a residential window and glass contractor for many years and have been approached from several people about working on their motor homes with this issue. I have been researching this for several months and am getting ready to start doing this. I have my own theory of what should be done to resolve this. I have spoken with many glass experts and along with my knowledge we agree that going the route of repairing the insulated glass is a mistake. In a few years the same thing will happen again. These windows are put together in a controlled environment when they are made new, so therefore if they are repaired in an open shop, they will do it again. I will be replacing the insulated glass with laminated glass, therefore there will never be fogging issues again, and not much difference in the price from repairing using your old glass. There will be very little difference in efficiency.
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