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  1. I intend to replace my 1200 with an Amish built replacement cooling unit from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse. They also provide great instructions and a variety of videos to help you do the switch out yourself.
  2. Marv and Cathy: Remember, when you bypass the box (with the red light) you lose your overheating protection. My experience has been that a variety of conditions will trip the box....not necessarily conditions that come from a faulty frig....like excessive moisture (during a rainstorm, etc.). I suggest you purchase a magnet capable of holding 25lbs (about 5 bucks at most hardware stores) and use it to reset your black box by passing it over the box. It may take a few passes; you may have to vary the conditions (like power on or power off) and it will eventially reset. Then at least you have protection until the next ghost appears. Important: With each reset, carefully check you unit for leaks (yellow stains), failed fans, etc. Hoe this helps....Stan.
  3. For my money, the mobile hotspot (Verizon: "Jetpack") is the way to go. It handles multiple devices concurrently and utilizes the full power of 4G. It has not let us down yet, though admittedly we have not yet camped in very rural or rustic areas.
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