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  1. My pleasure. The Flxible is in paint at the moment and although I wanted a flat finish instead of metalic to keep in with the period, the painter has done such a great job, the shine almost looks like a metalic finish anyway!! Still some pinstripe detail to go on and all of the chrome.
  2. Seating now going in. Not fixed yet but needed to see if it all fits!
  3. My advice is upgrade the coach you have. I'm going through a complete restoration of a 1947 Flxible Clipper at the moment so I have a lot of up to date prices on various aspects of the build. My bus is 33ft and the paint job is a bare metal sandblast followed by extensive primer work and a final paint design that requires three separate masking jobs to be done. With taxes, the entire paint job is costing $14,000 and being 68 years old, the work involved in my bus is probably far more than your coach would be. http://www.flickr.com/photos/95137559@N04/sets/72157635089781485/
  4. I fitted a Brigade Camera system on our Damon Daybreak. Colour screen and sound. I bought cheap before that and I might as well not bothered at all. Not sure if Brigade is available in the USA but any commercial grade backup system should be fine. My system cost £400 - $640 but the screen can take up to 3 cameras so I can expand the system in the future if I want to.
  5. I have started a blog to chart the restoration project (and because my wife told me I needed to let everyone know just what she has to put up with!!) http://47clipper.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. The Flxible has had the interior stripped. insulation installed and the ceiling panels fixed into place. The wall structures are also going up
  7. It may depend on the make. I couldn't physically take off the wallpaper in our Damon Daybreak in order to tile the kitchen area. Had to score the paper with a craft knife before applying tile adhesive. The paper is glued on with a contact adhesive I think. I am restoring a vintage motorhome at the moment and the wall board comes already covered with a paper finish. Have a look at what we did to referbish our Damon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95137559@N04/sets/72157635428254625/
  8. I replaced our carpet with Polyflor vinyl planking (similar to Kardean but less expensive). I used a feature strip in between the vinyl to look like ships planking. Worked out well and is extremely hard wearing. Have a look on our flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95137559@N04/sets/72157635428254625/ I've also got our 1947 Flxible Clipper restoration pictures on there!!
  9. I've updated my flickr account with some more images of the restoration: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95137559@N04/sets/72157635089781485/ Project is on hold while we wait for some warmer weather. Temp is close to zero where the paint shop is and they don't want to put the final coats on then store the bus in a freezing cold shed while the paint cures. Hopefully some milder weather is on it's way.
  10. Too long for the UK by 19cm unfortunately!! A lot of tag axle RV's over here have been ruled illegal. I would go for either a GM PD 3751, or a '57 Flxible Starliner - raised roof with the eyebrow window
  11. Hi Herman, This Flxible was originally bought by the Utah Parks Company (part of Pacific Railroad Co). It's original colour was an orange/yellow colour over grey, By all accounts this bus has had a very easy working life, taking tourists around the National Parks. After that it has spent most of it's time sitting in almost 0% humidity at 29Palms, CA. As you can see from the video, after sand blasting the body, almost no rust was discovered. Once this bus is finished, I'd love to do another one but don't think I'll be as lucky next time! The dash will be stripped back to metal and painted a very simple cream colour. Kerry.
  12. Behind the windows are built in appliances and built in cupboards. Potentially there would be a problem if a window was broken or the windows developed serious leaks. I may have to rip out the interior to fix it.
  13. I've put some photo's on Flickr of the Flxible restoration: http://www.flickr.com/photos/95137559@N04/sets/72157635089781485/
  14. The Flxible is in the paint shop at the moment. Should take about 10 days to complete. Then the interior can be finished
  15. Got the Flxible running after about 3 months work. The Detroit Diesel that was in the bus when I bought it was brought back to life but only after a complete rebuild. Engine, brakes, suspension and almost everything else has been either rebuilt or replaced. I was warned that if the bus was put through a sand blasting process to get the old paint off, it could very easily turn to dust in front of my eyes. The bodywork on a lot of these old buses are held together by layers of lead paint. I decided to take the chance anyway and the result was a bus with so little rust, it surprised everyone!! Standing in the California desert for 40 years does have it's advantages The video link below shows the bus stripped and running better than our family car! you can see some rust around the rear vent on the drivers side but thats about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xtS0-NwWwS4
  16. The bus has not moved for about 35 years so the interior wasn't the best. For some reason the bus was converted to a motorhome but never used. All of the appliances still have the shipping tags and plastic in place. I like the way the kitchen has been designed so although everything will be ripped out, the kitchen will be rebuilt to a similar design.
  17. About six months ago I purchased a 1947 Flxible clipper bus that was due to go to the crusher. I had a week to haul it out of the California desert before the scrap metal man got his hands on it!! Sat at home in Cheshire, England, I decided to buy the bus unseen and sent my money without even knowing if the bus actually existed. Luckily for me the people selling were very honest folks and I arranged the pick up of the bus that week. I chose a restoration shop to carry out the work even though I knew nothing about them or how much they charged. I found them by searching the internet and reading customer reviews. Again, luckily for me they have turned out to be very honest people and also very good at their job. You would think I had many regrets about this project but I have only one - I was looking for an Alto Saxophone book on the internet for one of our twin boys when I came across the "Flxible Clipper for sale" advert and my only regret is that once I got caught up in this restoration madness, I forgot to buy my son the book he wanted Oh, I do have one other regret, I didn't tell my wife what I had done until some time later I've never done anything spontaneous in my entire life and it's not as though I'm a rich man. I've taken on weekend work and a second job in the evening to try and keep the loans down to pay for the restoration work I just think it's something about these old buses. They get under your skin and they're crying out to be saved. Either that or my wife is right and I'm just going mad I'll update this thread as more pictures come through
  18. Marc, More of a work of art than a vehicle!! I live in the UK and currently own a Damon Daybreak RV. I've been trying to track down a Flxible Visicoach that was featured on the FMCA site last year and is said to be in Northern Ireland but haven't had any luck so far. If I cannot get my hands on that coach, I'll look to import from the USA. Either way if the finished vehicle looks anywhere near as good as yours I'll be a happy man
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