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  1. Biggest issue with Cracker Barrels is the parking. Make sure if you park in the RV spot you will not be blocked in at 9am when everyone is eating. Not sure why most just turned 2 car spots into 1 RV...can be very tight turning into or out of space.
  2. Only problem with Passport America is if you only travel on the weekends most campground do not honor the %50 off...during the week 3 or 4 days will almost pay for a years membership.
  3. I would have no issues with a 50+ year old bus, as long as you know the systems or have a big pocket book . . It's like a 100 year old house, they are either a money pit or a fun project, maintenance makes a big difference
  4. It's not hard to adjust, 25 feet, a wall and some blue painters tape will work. Basically pull up to wall and mark center of headlights on the wall and backup 25 feet (needs to be fairly level and square) then follow. Just google headlight adjustment and there are tons of diagrams.
  5. Next bus needs to be a PD4501 (my dream bus)
  6. Looking good, why skin the 3 factory windows over? Keep posting pics as it comes around.
  7. Ours is named "LaTortuga", she is the reason we love old 2 lane roads...she's happiest at 45/55 and we just cruise the "ol Skool" roads
  8. One thing to think about with air brakes: If you have semi-metallic brake shoes and drive in the rain, and stop with cold drums; then you apply your brakes and wait a few days you go to release the brakes and find out the shoes have rusted to the drums and won't release. W/O chocks you can't safely release the shoes with a hammer, because if you have the air up, so springs are not holding the shoes against the drum and the brakes suddenly release the coach can roll away. So carrying chocks with me : I then can put two chocks in front and behind tires and can safely use a hammer to "break the shoes loose" w/o the bus running me over just something to keep in back of your mind. Also I have a habit of releasing all air from system; just in case the brake release is hit or whatever...the brakes will not come off since the springs are holding it tight.
  9. I did it, only issue was purchase price was too high on survey....it should of been $0.00 to $10,000.00 and then go up
  10. We have 2 residential type; one in front and one in the bedroom (a door separates the 2 zones) also have 2 smoke detectors (one in each zone) each zone has it's own door to the outside also. Also we have a typical Residential Vehicle.
  11. We stayed at The Holiday-trav-l park on Emerald Isle, it was supposed to be a 1 night lay over on the way to Wilmington. We met so many great couples and friends we stayed 5 nights The campground folks were very friendly and nice, it was literally 75 feet to the beach, plenty of food and drink w/I walking distance No shade, nice ocean breezes here is a pic of the campground 1st night we had to move to accommodate folks already reserved They had 3 very clean bath house, a big pool and a market for gas, food and wine we will definitely be going back Wi-Fi was great through the park, streaming video was not a problem http://htpresort.com/
  12. I would stay at one of the campgrounds on Hatteras (we stayed at Hatteras Sands RV park, simple, clean, great work camper running the place, no amenities, seems to be being "rebuilt" BUT it's 2 minutes from the ferry!!). http://hatterassandscampground.com/content/contact.html Like we said, it needs some work but it was a great time Fresh sea food w/I walking distance from camp ground 58129 NC 12 Hwy, tell her the Turtle bus people said "hi" close to the water!!!! no stinky low tide either!!! Hatteras KOA is another place to stay a little further up the island, very nice tho'. Then go and spend the day at Ocracoke (rent golf carts, they are everywhere and speed limit is 20 in town and more golf carts on roads than cars) and go back to the Hatteras camping (free 20 min ferry). There is another campground we checked out and I will post a crystal coast report this weekend).
  13. Okay, we decide to 1 day on the island, parked the bus at the common parking near ferry and rented a golf cart to cruise island, Teeters was someones backyard and very,very tight, beachcomber was full of seasonals and cars/trucks. So state park "looked" like way to go. Jim thank you for the heads up.
  14. We found the 8 inch memory foam was 'hot" to sleep on. We added a 2" egg crate topper and they are nice and comfy with good support and are not too hot any more, this is a lot nicer trip.
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