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  1. Bought 6 new Hercules 295/80R/22.5 tires for Tiffin motor home. Wondering if they sold me OTR truck tires. The commercial dealer said to run them at maximum tire rated pressure but the ride was too hard and previous RV tires I have bought for previous motor homes (not Hercules) always used pressures inflated to a chart based on the heaviest wheel weight on that axle (usually get RV weighted at rallies but they were cancelled this year due to Covid). Called company and left message but have not gotten any reply after more than a week. Tried FMCA Discount Tire program but of the 3 listed companies in Grand Junction CO, 1 is not in existence here any more and the other 2 do not carry RV tires. Anyone with experience with this size Hercules tire on their RV?
  2. I agree that rallies are good places to get individual wheel weights but a couple rallies I have attended did not offer the service. Oregon has weigh stations all over the place that you can DIY weighing but probably just axle weights. A couple questions: Why don't RV dealers offer the service? Could be a revenue producer. Maybe they don't want people to know their net carrying capacity (NCC) is too small for some of dealer products or that their customers are overloading their vehicles. Where can one purchase a scale to weigh individual wheels on their RV? Bob
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