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  1. If you are coming through the Tampa area we'd welcome you to spend a night or 2 at our house if the dates work. We have a couple hookups including a dump station( w/ 5 AC).
  2. Hi Jimmy: I think there were a couple special programs on the Travel channel, but no special channel. Maybe FMCA will know. ****
  3. This has been a problem for me too. Everytime we move, we have a hassle with DTV to get local channels. It would be helpful to have a RV contact at DTV or FMCA who know how to resolve this repeated problem.
  4. I support bill's Travler recommendation. Have one that works great--we use with two DTV DVR's. Once we get locked on we're pleased. In one CG we frequent we had a pedistal installed by DTV because of trees. **** Lokar
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