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  1. Good Morning to you, I have the same problem with seeing out the window. Did you drill through both panes of glass or just the outer one? Thank you for your reply
  2. In comparing the difference between Coach-Net and Good Sam road service I am a member of both. I recently was in Trumball, CT and had dead batteries in my coach. I called Good Sam Road Service for the first time since I was a member and talked to an agent who stated that she would call back in a short time. After waiting 1 1/2 hours, I called Coach Net. I had a service truck at my location in approximately 3/4 of an hour. He then started my coach by attaching 2 portable battery packs and I was again able to use my coach. Good Sam called back the next day and stated they would have someone there in about an hour. Needless to say they were a day late and will be a dollar short as I am cancelling my Good Sam Service Membership. I have been a coach owner for over twelve years. Have always had Coach Net, been towed 3 times, replaced a blowout 1 time, and had battery service 2 times. I was serviced in a very timely fashion on all occasions and would certainly recommend Coach Net to anyone. It is well worth the cost for the piece of mind and if needed they will respond in a timely and very professional manner. Safe travels,
  3. Good Afternoon Larry, Being the person who is responsible for the Midwest Area Rally, I would like to answer your concerns. The FMCA Area Rallys are typically held in a fairgrounds. The reason for this is the number of coaches that will be attending. There are very few rally sites that have the capability of having anywhere from 400 to 2500 coaches. These sites have been previously visited by a Rally Committee so that they will have a working knowledge of what is available and what may still be needed to make a pleasant and enjoyable rally for our attendees. Following I am going to be specific to the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Manchester, IA, as this is where the Midwest Area Rally is to be held July 24 through July 27, 2013. Regarding your first question of available electric, there will be 30 amp electric available to All Rally Attendees. As with all rallys that you may attend, bring an extension cord as you may not be parked directly in front of an electrical connection. Water will not be available to attendees on each site. Each coach will not be directly connected to a water supply but water will be available to you for refilling holding tanks should the need arise. There are dump stations on site and we should have pump out service for those who wish to be pumped out on site. There will be a nominal charge for this which is paid directly to the service provider. Along with this we will have several porta-potties spaced throughout the grounds for your convenience. It is my experience, that if people who are attending the rally come on site with a full water tank and empty grey and black tanks, they will not have the need to dump before the end of the rally. Afterwards, people will use the dump stations on their departure or will dump at their next campground as they travel. Campfires are not allowed at any rally. The local Fire Department regulations will not allow open fires of any kind on the grounds and the FMCA insurance company underwriting this event will not accept any liability regarding camp fires. With the number of coaches on site it is just too risky. I believe that with the activities such as vendors, new and used coach displays, continental breakfast and two full breakfasts, optional pork chop dinner ,seminars, bingo, golf outing, Ladies Tea,(Vintage Fashion Show) chapter fair, photo contest ,bus tours,( Field of Dreams, Windmill Farm) ice cream social, and evening and day entertainment you will find a very full and rewarding day. As busy as I believe that you will be, I don't think that you will miss the camp fire and you will still meet many new people and be able to add to you circle of friends. Hopefully you will decide to attend the Midwest Area Rally. If you do, when you come on site, ask for me; I would like to meet you. Thank you for your interest in the Midwest Area Rally. Sincerely, Bob Nebel FMCA National Vice-President, Midwest Area President, Midwest Area Cooperative ph - 815 814 9100
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