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  1. I used a tow dolly for almost three years because I had a non-towable vehicle and didn't want to buy a new car. I became so sick of the tow dolly because of having to crawl under to unhook safety chains and all the other stuff. I was such a headache to have to unload the car and then move the dolly around in an RV space. The only saving grace I had was the fact that I had a hitch ball on the back of the car to help with moving it around. I finally got smart and purchased a Chevy HHR which takes very little modification to tow. I'm not necessarily saying the HHR is a great car though! However, I find it so easy to unhook the car and stow the tow bar on the back of the motorhome it's almost a pleasure. Literally, I can have it unhooked and ready to drive in about 5 minutes. I've never had any problems with towing with the tow bar. I just check it each time I stop to make sure the safety chains and lights are still OK.
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