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  1. Does anyone know if the construction widening GA 96 is finished? We want to go from I-75 to 441 and GA 96 looks like a good way to get there unless there is still a lot of construction.
  2. An RV friend suggested that I purchase a portable air compressor that would allow me to get my motorhome from a remote location to where I could get a leaking tire repaired or replaced. A local tire dealer told me that any compressor I purchased that supplied less than 250 psi would be inadequate and would not adequately fill the tires on my 40 ft. motorhome. Everything I see for sale, on the internet, rates out at 150 psi and will, supposedly, fill my tires to 30 psi in five minutes. As you all know, the tires on our motorhomes require 95 psi. If I were to purchase one of these compressors, would a longer running period get my tires inflated enough to get me down the road? I am considering the purchase of a VIAIR 400PA-RC Automatic Air Compressor Kit. Any information and suggestions will be be greatly appreciated. Clyde
  3. My husband has been reading some reviews of the Rand McNally 7720 but so many of them say that it leads them way out of the irway or onto dirt/dead end roads that we wonder if it is really any good. I know no GPS is foolproof, but is the 7720 worth the money?
  4. I'm using Google Maps to plan our trip to Texas, Arizona, etc. and would like to be able to see roads/tunnels that might be too low for our 12'9" rig. We do use a trucker GPS, but I don't completely trust it because I can't see the full day's route before we start driving. It also doesn't like taking us on roads that are fine for RVs but have truck restrictions. I can't find anything that will give me advanced information about possible low clearance problems. I've searched the internet and the iTunes app store but only found a "Motor Carrier's Road Atlas" on Amazon. I think I bought one of these a couple years ago and couldn't figure out how to read it so I'm unsure about buying this one. I've read about a PC program (I think it's States & Trips or something like that) but I use a Mac so that won't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? It would seem that there must be something available for RVers.
  5. I want to replace our old 2011 copy of Exit Now before we take off in the spring and can't find a copy anywhere. I can buy The Next Exit 2013 but don't like the format as well. Does anyone know if it is out of publication or if it will be available soon?
  6. We have started looking at RV resorts where you purchase the motor coach pads and have a small coach house or "casita" next to it. Since we currently have a house in Florida, we've started looking here but haven't found many resorts to explore. We would like to sell our house and have a place to come home to for the winter months but don't really want to live full time in the coach. The casita seems to offer a good alternative. We've been told to be careful about buying into one of these resorts because they may not be easily resold. We also have a concern about the possibility that the resort owner could go bankrupt at some point in the future and wonder what happens to the site owners in such a case. We are not restricted to Florida, but want a state with a fairly mild winter climate. We also do not have half a million to spend on a site. Some I've looked at on the internet start around $450,000. That's out of our ballpark and we really don't need marble counters in the kitchen. Does anyone have any experience about buying into one of these resorts?
  7. I've just started trying to use the convection oven in our coach and could use some help. Most of the pans I have are too large for the turntable so I have to turn it off when I cook. I've found that the oven cooks hotter in the back left corner. Does anyone have suggestions for finding smaller cookware that will fit on the turntable? I'm trying to cook a roast for our Christmas dinner and will have to set a timer so that I can turn the pan around every 20 minutes or so. I'd really like to find cookware designed to be used in motor coach convection ovens. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Brett, I have to wait to get the RV back. It is currently in the shop for some work. I am anticiating getting it back on Wednesday (11/28). I need to start becoming a bit more aware of certain things. Not being mechanical by nature, I reallly never pay attention to those things. I think I need to become a little bit more aware of certain things. Clyde
  9. Bill, Sorry for the late response and the misinformation on my engine. It is not a Cummins. It is an International by Navstar. It seems that other owners have the same problem, and Navstar feels it is a problem with the transmission. They also feel that reprogramming it will solve the problem will. Unfortunately, they have tried to do it twice, unsuccessfully. Clyde
  10. I must apologize for my mistake. It is an International engene. Clyde
  11. Clyde, Thanks for the suggestions I have to apologize for an engine mistake. My engine is an International by Navistar. The problems I am having are at different speeds (on and off cruise control). It will surge at speeds around 25, 35, 45, 55, and 65 mph.. It varies. I can get it out of bucking by letting up on the gas or accelerating. I have been told that it is a problem that could, very likely, be solved by reprograming the transmission. The problem is meeting the government's emission control standards. Who knows. At any rate, if things keep going the way they have, I will definitely try what you have suggested. Thanks for your help, Clyde
  12. Brett, Thanks for your help. I am going to bring the RV back to Cummins, a third time, with the suggestions Rich made. Clyde
  13. Rich, Thanks for the suggestions. It seems that Cummins thinks the problem is a transmission program problem. I've brought it to them twice, and they have, unsuccessfully, tried to reprogram it on both occasions. However, I am going to bring it to them, again, with the suggestions you made. Thanks for your help. Clyde
  14. I have a 350 HP Cummins diesel. I have to check on the transmission. Right now the RV is at Alliance RV having some work done on it. When I get it back, I will let you know. I bought the vehicle new and noticed the problem when I took it out on our first trip (no hint of problem on test drive), and it has been doing it ever since. I currently have 6700 miles on the engine. Clyde Note from Moderator: Further down in this thread, the OP said he has a Navistar, NOT Cummins engine.
  15. Rich, The engine surges when I am both in and off of cruise control. I previously owned a Monaco Diplomat that started doing the same thing when in cruise control. It was pretty much "fixed" but would occasioally do it to a lesser drgree than when it started. It would seen that that problem is following me no matter what I own. Clyde
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