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  1. I love your story and beautiful photos....now thats how boondocking is done! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Hey all, two days ago Wilson announced the DT4G cellular booster at CES in Las Vegas! From their press release: "The new DT4G improves voice and data signal strength on 4G, 3G, and 2G networks in the U.S. (except Clearwire), and accommodates multiple users across multiple carriers simultaneously." The DT4G is expected to start shipping in March 2014 and have a MSRP of $379. I have both Verizon and AT&T, and need the 4G LTE for my MiFi devices. The current solution for my situation is still too expensive for my blood: The almost $1000 (~$800 street) Wilson AG Pro Quint. You can bet I will be snapping up one of the DT4G boosters as soon as I can! Here is an early DT4G review, with copious photos and advice: http://blog.solidsignal.com/showthread.php/5962-Solid-Signal-s-HANDS-ON-Review-Wilson-DT4G-Quad-band-booster?p=11396 Excerpts from the review... "Unlike other boosters, the DT4G boosts all available frequencies so your phone's signal meter won't lie like it will with a booster that only boosts voice. You should see a massive improvement in voice quality, data speeds, and you'll see better battery life because your phone won't be struggling to transmit a stronger signal. This is typical of all boosters, but you should see an even more marked improvement with the DT4G because all the carrier frequencies are nice and strong." "Because the DT4G works will all carriers, you'll have no problem using it with multiple people at the office no matter what kind of phone or device they have. It should even work great with 4G or LTE-equipped tablets!" "Here's the bottom line: this is the booster you've been waiting for, and we expect the price to be very pleasing as well. This is the only booster you'll need for years to come, and because it comes from Wilson, you know it's a quality design." I can't wait! (but impatiently will), ~ Lee Lukehart
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