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  1. I noticed in the "towing Guide" that the 2014 GMC 1500 4x4 required the negative battery cable to be disconnected. Has anyone towed this vehicle without disconnecting battery? We have 2008 Hummer H3 where no battery disconnection is required, as Blue Ox Patriot requires power, and were looking to upgrade vehicles.
  2. Warning to anyone thinking that a locking "tow-pin" system will be of any security or deterrent to tampering After purchasing a Blue Ox's Tow Pin Lock System for security reasons, I found out via a fellow RV'er that they are not as secure as I assumed. We had the unfortunate "pleasure" of one lock being removed (borrowed) at a Truck Stop. This could have resulted in a serious accident on the Interstate, but fortunately it came apart on the ramp prior. Yes I should have checked, but it's a lock. It seems that 1 key is used for all these lock sets. As after this incident I purchased a new set which came with, yes the same previous key number of the "borrowed lock". I did pass this information onto Blue Ox, but there has been no acknowledgement.
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