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  1. Marktaylorjets, Thanks for the quick reply. While I think of it, what kind of brake system do you use? Any trouble when you apply the brakes?
  2. Marktaylorjets, I do have adaptive CC. I just purchased the 2019 and am wondering if I have to disable the adaptive to get the CC to work? Will it work if the adaptive is NOT disabled if you know? Thanks in advance for your info.
  3. I am setting up my 2019 Ford Fusion Hybride SEL and am going to use my ORIGINAL Brake Buddy system along with Blue Ox tow bar. I have read the Ford ( 2019 ) manual, but am worried about the Ford braking system. Have not received any answers from Ford other than what is in the book. Looking to communicate with any member who has similar auto and braking system. Have towed with this system since 2003 with great results. Have a NEW breakaway switch kit. Thanks for replies.
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