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  1. One of my relatives backed into the rear of my coach busted it up. In the same time frame, the TV/monitor showing the camera rear view developed a shaky line in it. Bought a Vizio TV replacement I was told at the store it would work as a monitor. Camera picture is all snowy and dark. I talked to a Vizio agent they told me....nope. That TV does not work as a remote monitor. My coach is 20 years old. A Sahara Safari 1998, the TV/Monitor was a Panasonic big fat body, the camera was black and white with the coaxial wire connect. Don't know if it really works but if it does what TV supports a that old of a connection anymore. I could have a color or black and white camera mounted on the back somewhere and I don't care if the monitor is in the overhead TV it can be mounted on a 10" - 11" screen at a better spot. I am headed north to Oregon Hwy 395 from Arizona. Anybody....where can I find a store that sells back-up cameras, what is a good brand/model, how hard to install or do they do it, what can I expect to pay? I know I will save a lot of money if I can find the right TV but what a hassle. Thanking ya'll in advance. I am Eagle Many Hats, Desert Turtle Clan, Chemehuevi Indian Tribe, Colorado River. Traveling by 98 Sahara Safari sporting a Bengal Tiger. Might be pulling a Honda Big Red or a Maroon Cargo Chuttle with our Indian motorcycles or we just might be riding lite saving fuel, give us a wave or a holler CB is on
  2. Going through Newport 25th of September. I will pick it up.
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