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  1. My final $.02 worth is look for a pre 2002 DD60 the 2003-2006 had EGR issues. Or look for a Cummins N14 1980-2000 best was celect 1997-2000 the Cummins ISM pre 2002 was known for good fuel economy. Or look for Cat C14 it was a good engine but used a lot of fuel stay away from the Cat C12 it was known for bad fuel economy and the C13 was known as the big yellow lemon. Ask any old trucker at a truck stop they well tell you they hate the new trucks with all of the EPA garbage on them.
  2. The best engines are the older mechanical pumps, they are simple and made to run forever. The new electronic injections work good until some thing fails and could be considered an improvement when all is well. But engines were never intended to suck their own exhaust into the intake. It takes quite a spin master to convince me that they are an improvement.............so the exhaust is a trifle cleaner yea but the engine life is cut in half, for most motorhomes that still does not matter as they seldom ever get that many miles anyway. So look for a turbo engine, that has a mechanical pump and charge air cooler and you have the best.................most likely it is between 2005-2007 after the 2007 they all have the EGR and DPF and some have the DEF as well, none of that exhaust after-treatment is an improvement no matter who spins the tale.
  3. The coach gets 120v two ways one is shore power, the other is the generator. The circuit snaps when the gen comes on also but the shore power is the one chattering. The chatter is only when the inverter is on to charge the batteries. Without the gen set or the shore power then the inverter cant sense 120v that is when if turned on it will make the 120v out of the batteries.
  4. My inverter has to be on to charge the batteries, and then the only circuit alive is the charging circuit. With shore power connected only and only while trying to charge the batteries is when I get the chatter.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. On my coach the book says the shore power is priority side. I have never started the gen set while plugged into shore power as there is no point. My book says that when you connect shore power you hear the ATS snap and that to charge the batteries the inverter needs to be turned on. With shore power connected the only circuit that works in the inverter is the charging system and the inverter 12V to 120 only works on battery power alone. My symptoms are when I turn on the inverter to charge the batteries there is a about a 30 second pause and then the shore side of the ATS starts to chatter. it quits then starts again etc. One other thing is that most of the time I am plugged in it is to a 30 A circuit not a 50 A so as I understand it there is only one 120V hot line to the ATS while on 50 A there would be two hot leads could this over the years have wore out one side of the shore power side in the ATS? Is chatter typical of how they fail?
  6. Thanks Brett Is the chattering typical of how they fail?
  7. Diesels benefit from cold dense air in, and of course turbos. Then try to keep the exhaust heat in the pipe to the turbo and a little beyond. Performance diesels often wrap the exhaust to keep the heat in the pipe.
  8. I have an old Monaco Signature series, the power transfer switch is a 50 A, shore on one side and Generator on the other it has started to chatter on the shore side. I would like to replace it but the coach is 22 years old can I just use any 50A transfer switch that I might find at a motorhome dealer? Any one recomend a best brand? GS
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