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  1. We have a KingDome auto tracking satellite dome on our coach. With two leads through the roof we can utilize both inputs to the HD DVR which enables us to record two channels, or watch one while recording another. No, it is not high definition, but Direct has a very clear picture in standard definition. Since we also use the DVR at home, where we have the large dish, we ignore the channels which are shown as HD and only use the standard definition channels. On a long trip we tell the DVR we have a round dish, which erases the HD channels from the guide. We have been using the autotrack feature while driving, to listen to the music channels that Direct offers. This also has enabled us to easily find any holes in the trees as we back into a site with a lot of trees. Saves a lot of time and has avoided having to set up a ground dish. If an automatic dome cannot find the satellite it may not be programmed for Direct TV, whether you are using a HD DVR or HD receiver or standard DVR or receiver.
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