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  1. Tombstone Territories is a nice place. When we were there they did not have Wifi, but Verizon worked well. It looks like they do have Wifi now. They did charge for electricity, with a meter at each site. They do accept Passport America or Camp Club USA for 50% off for 7 days.
  2. We use a tripod all the time, even though we have a dome. The tripod dish lets us get everything we get at home and it's not that big a deal to set it up. I use the TV4RV tripod and start by pointing the front of the tripod south, leveling it and securing it. Then I place the dish, set the elevation and skew. I have a short coax from the LNB to the meter, then a long cable to the receiver. With the basic meter, set the meter to a signal strength of 5. Turn the dish until it peaks. Turn the meter back do to 5 and fine tune the aim for best signal. Tighten the nuts. Remove the meter and connect the cables. Go watch TV. I also use the DishPointer app for the iPhone and Droid to see where I should be aiming and if there are any obstructions.
  3. Are you referring to a dome installation? An open face dish only needs a single coax to a dual tuner receiver. For example, I'm running a Dish 1000 with a single coax to a VIP 722 receiver. For an RV, I think this is the sweet spot because one receiver can feed two TVs. I've had both, but prefer Dish because they offer the dual tuner receivers. It makes setup a whole lot easier.
  4. I'm pretty sure that you're correct, I seem to remember reading that you do need to run two lines for the dual receiver with the Carry Out.
  5. The only problem you might run into with the carryout is that it probably has only one LNB. If the channels you want to watch are are different satellites, then you may be out of luck. If both TVs are tuned to channels on the same satellite, then you're covered. For example, most of the channels my wife watches are on 119 and a lot of the channels I watch are on 110 or 129. A single LNB dish wouldn't cut it for us. We do have a King Dome (single LNB) on the roof, but I've started using the Dish 1000 instead. It doesn't sound like you've needed to access multiple satellites at once so it's a moot point.
  6. I use the Dish 1000 and 722 receiver. As a previous poster said, your skew is probably all that was wrong. Once you have 119 dialed in, 110 and 129 should be there if the skew is right. It sounds like you were this >< far from getting them all. The advantage to the Dish 1000 with the 722 is that you can feed two TVs with different programs from any satellite.
  7. The meter on the receivers tends to be slow to react. You're better off with something as simple as this will react more quickly to help you find the signal and then fine tune it.
  8. Since you were getting one satellite, it sounds like the skew was off. The skew is the amount the dish is rotated with the angle shown on the back of the dish. Once you've located 119, the dish should pick up 110 and 129 if the skew is right. We have a King Dome on our motorhome, but there are a lot of times when we want to watch different things. I use a tripod mounted Dish 1000 for the other TV. I did have a tough time with it yesterday, but it turned out that the receiver needed to be reset. I was getting a strong signal, but it never would show which satellite. The check switch routine kept failing. Finally I reset the receiver and it all worked.
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