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    New Floor

    From what Information I have gathered Glued in place is best. I have read of some sad stories about floating floors in homes with wheels. Did the plywood base get screwed down or glued down?
  2. http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/georgia/cartersville/mckinney-campground-coe Review of McKinney in Georgia. I did not post a review, but was pleased with my stay.
  3. I do not see where a moderator has suggested a place to put the edit for next years edition of the FMCA Atlas. Does the editor, writer of the Atlas have an account I can private message to for next years Atlas? I stayed at a campground that was missed. There is a Sam's Club near me that should be added also. We can all add to the list if something was missed. Herman, I will check out RVparksreview.com to see if the parks I have stayed at are included there.
  4. We still carry campground information in a loose leaf notebook of every place we have been. It contains notes of the best sites at that particular campground. It also contains personal notes about our stay. "Notes like loud train nearby," "Ok to stay overnight but not for an extended stay." For us The Atlas from FMCA is a list of NEW places to try. FMCA Atlas came the very next day after ordering on the phone. It is packed full of useful camping information. You won't need internet service to use it. There is very little advertisement in it. Ads only placed on the inside of the covers. One should note the Advertisements cost members extra shipping. Without the ADS shipping could be media mail at a much lower cost. A few dollars in my shipping case. The ads do play a part in overall lowering the printing cost to members. I question which costs the members less, advertisement or media mail. Is there a page on the FMCA forums where we can suggest places that are not listed in the Atlas? Someone please provide a link if it already exists. If we need a page like this, could a moderator please start a place to make edits for next years version of the FMCA Atlas? Members living in areas can suggest places near them that were accidently missed for the next years version. One other thought could be to arrange National Parks by state.
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