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  1. Thanks Herman, I did forget to mention where the factory was. I did purchase my Foretravel for Motorhomes of Texas. Am USN Ret RM1
  2. Dear 99 I did't see Foretravel on your list. There are many older used Fortravels out there that you may want to consider. They make all their own chassis. The roof is one piece front to back. Don't take my word for it visit the factory and take a tour. They have been making motorhomes since the late 70's and there are still a lot of them on the road. Folks don't get rid of them they just remodel and update. There are many owners that are full timers. I have a 1998 U270 36 ft it has 118000 miles on it. I live in Maine. My wife and I are leaving in mid April on a trip that will cover roughly 10000 miles. I have no doubt that the coach will get us there and back home in the fall. There is also an owners forum you can go to and ask any question you want about Foretravel and a huge data base of information on the coaches. Good luck in your search. Norm
  3. Jamie; Just looked at your location, that could be a 2 hour drive from Windom, hace friends in Standish.
  4. Good Morning Jamie: I live about 30 miles NW of Bangor, ME. You mignt try Holden Family Campground in Holden ME, they are also an RV dealer and have a RV store. They are located on US1A just south of Bangor, ME in what is known as centrel Maine. their number is 207-989-0529. Good Luck Norm
  5. CAUTION, there is a four letter word involved with the time period you mention, "SNOW". Not real good for travel in a 40' coach, not to mention the salt on the roads. I live in central Maine about 90 miles from Bar Harbor, we have had heavy snow on Halloween. I have a 36' coach and it will go into stoarge in Oct if we don't go south. Just a thought for you to consider.
  6. Good Morning; When you go across the bridge PA to NJ on 78 you may want to go off into the Phillipsburg area, gas is very cheap there, something to do with a depressed area and the taxes are less there than in the rest of the state. I would get gas there all the time during my comute years. I believe it will be exit 3, and the return to 78 is easy and well marked. The road on the 287/87 route is pretty good but can be heavy traffic crossing the Tappen Zee and getting to I95. Just stay alert there are crazies out there.
  7. Hi Me again. If you stay on I-84 through Pa, Ny and into CT there is a CT welcome center just over the line NY to CT. There is a free dump station there. I also believe they allow over nite parking. Its a very nice rest stop clean.
  8. Have a 1998 Foretravel 36 ft, with satellite doom it is 11'7" bought it in Dec last year, great machine runs like a top. No low overhead problems yet after 5500 miles since purchase. Some of the new GPS have RV specifics built in to avoid low overheads.
  9. Good Morning Todd58; One thing I forgot to mention is that in Harrisburg a bridge on one of the interstates had been torn down due to a firey truck crash. Not sure which road but there are detours marked, they are working on the replacemen the bridge. It is on the East side of Harrisburg. Also we use the Walmart parking lots to stay overnight. Its free and there is also an App for that, it is on Allstays. Most Walmarts allow overnight parking however you should check inside the store. Also Cracker Barrel sometimes allows free overnight parking. Another site http://www.roadnow.com, gives you the road conditions and construction for the interstate system.
  10. Hello again. I-81 will take you through Wilkes Barre/Scranton area where you pick up I-84 which will take you all the way through NY, CT and into Mass where you will get onto the Mass Turnpike go (I think 3 exits) and get on I495. Before I moved to Maine we lived in Easton PA. it is where I78 cross' the Delaware River I have driven that route many times, I commuted into NJ. That route, 287, will take you over the Tappen Zee bridge. That corridor is very heavy with traffic most of the day. You have two ways to go after crossing the Tappen Zee, continue on 287, this will take you to I95 through CT and RI and on to I495 or you can go to I684N to Danbury and pick up I84. Here are a couple more app's for your gas locator, gasbuddy.com which you can load onto any smart phone or iPad and I think iPOd touch. Also YPmobile (the YP is Yellow Pages) both are available in the iTunes store and are free. There are no Flying J's in Maine. In my opinion Flying J does not always have the best price even with the RV discount but having said that thier RV access is very good. BTY I have a diesel pusher, GVW 31,000 and no car in tow. If you decide to take I78 try to get gas in NJ its cheaper and they pump it for you. Hope this helps. Or it may confuse you more. I hope that I have helped you.
  11. I will guarantee if you go through the NY area on your first trip two thing are going to happen. You will be a white knuckle driver and you may swear off of any further RV trips. I would suggest I-81 north to I-84 to the Mass Pike then onto 495 all the way to NH then 95 north.This will take you around all the Washington DC to NY mess, not to mention less tolls. It will most likely be a little longer but a lot less stressful. One hurdle through CT is Hartford, make sure you get through between rush hours. Been there done that. I live in Maine and if you are not worried about time US 1 is OK, very slow. I would take 95 to Bangor I-395 which will put you onto US-1A, at which point you are about 50 miles from Bar Harbor. Do not take 295, it takes you right thru downtown Portland, take 95 the Maine Turnpike, yes there are tolls but the road is very good. Also keep in mind when you go across that green bridge from NH into ME you still have a little over 200 miles to go to Bar Harbor. Good luck and have a safe trip.
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