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  1. One issue to consider with insurance roadside assistance; each call is logged as an incident and ultimately effects your rates. One year my daughter had three calls for a low battery and the following year my rates jumped almost $150. With respect to available service and costs, I used to have GS until they raised their rates and reduced coverage. I found Allstate Roadside Assistance, at $69. They cover the motorhome and all vehicles, no limits to towing and all the other coverages. They tried to raise the price and I requested and received the prior year’s price each year thereafter. I’m staying with Allstate but will switch to FMCA if Allstate discontinues the level of coverage or the sis ounted orice.
  2. I'm working on a similar situation and have had excellent results dealing directly with the factory warranty group. Although we purchased a Coachmen, it's still part of the FR family. We live in MI, purchased the coach in IL, and then spent the winter in FL so we had to deal with a FL dealer who handles Coachmen. Our initial warranty list was relatively small and somewhat basic but grew when it was evident that the local dealer in FL was failing miserably in performing the work to our satisfaction. As a result the warranty list grew to about two dozen items. In frustration, I called the factory who had been providing the parts and approvals to the FL dealer for the repairs and arranged to bring the coach to them for service. To make a long story short, the final warranty list grew to 4 dozen items after service started the work as they were finding some issues with the factory work as well as some with their supplier's equipment along with the poor workmanship that the FL dealer performed. It is now 6 months later and one year after my purchase and I'm scheduled to pick up the coach next week after the final set of repairs (no, they haven't had the rig that long, as we had a couple of long, mid-summer trips between factory visits). The Service Department at Coachmen treated us with tremendous respect and went beyond our initial expectations as their testing and inspections found other issues that they "nipped in the bud" so we didn't gave to return at a later date. They also changed some equipment and parts that they felt were necessary. It was also an opportunity for them to use our coach as an educational experience to the factory GM where certain changes might be necessary at the assembly level as the two divisions are separate and whatever warranty group spends for this type of work, the factory must pay for. So it's better to do it correctly the first time. Hopefully your documentation and dealing directly with the factory will bring you similar success.
  3. Just used my RVi Brake 2 system and couldn't be happier. Did a lot of research and decided it was bet for me. There are many systems available ans each has different features one positive some negative but for a remote system this one seems to be be best. I echo the comments about the excellent customer service. Good luck
  4. I have a Master Tow and the owners manual states that the tire pressure should be reduced from 50 lbs to 10 lbs when there is no vehicle as the fenders could be damaged as a result of excessive bounce. As a side note I am totally pleased with my master tow which had upgraded tires, LED lighting, extra safety chains and a breakaway switch. I have surge brakes but I don't know why electric brakes wouldn't work like remote brakes on a toad and do the same job. I highly recommend the upgrades noted above.
  5. The general consensus is that 4 down is the way to go except if you tow multiple vehicles, don't have a vehicle that can be towed 4 down and want to tow more economically. We purchased our 40' dp last fall and realized that we needed to tow a car but didn't have vehicle that could be towed 4 down nor did we know exactly what 4 down systems we might want. We found an almost new Mastercraft tow dolly with surge brakes, safety chains, led lights and towed one of our existing vehicles. Things went fairly well other than the need to get on the ground to connect and disconnect the safety chains and use some 2x6's to keep the vehicle cowl from being ripped off when backing off the dolly. We also timed ourselves against neighbors who had 4 down systems and found that we spent 10-20 minutes more depending on the circumstances. We are fortunate that both of our storage facilities have enough room to accommodate the dolly without paying for an additional space but can't say that all of the campgrounds for our upcoming trip out west will be able to. So we have just completed most of our 4 down purchases except a wiring harness that included a Saturn Vue (sold two existing vehicles and just about came out even), tow bar, base plate, hitch for the Vue for bikes and braking system. When we sell the dolly we estimate we will still have at least another $1500 into to package. We hope the ease of connecting/disconnecting the toad, lack of storage space requirements for the dolly and the elimination of some vehicles will make the process easier for us and support the additional cost. We look at it as the same type of investment we made purchasing the dp vs a gasser. You get what you pay for.
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